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5 years ago

Toshiba Thrive 7-Inch tablet now available in Canada


Back in September when it was intially announced Toshiba had stated an expected release date of December for the Toshia Thrive 7-Inch and they've managed to stick to that -- at least in Canada.

The Android 3.2 powered 7-Inch tablet brings a 1280x800 resolution with Toshiba's Adaptive Display and Resolution+ video enhancements, stereo speakers, a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, in either 16 or 32-gigabytes sizes with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual processor. Plus, you get plenty of ports to make use of such as a miniUSB, microHDMI and a microSD card slot.

When it comes to price, you're not totally breaking the bank here. You'll be able to pick one up right now from Future Shop for only $370 -- that's not bad, all things considered.

Source: Futureshop

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5 years ago

HTC Amaze 4G update starts rolling out today, brings bug fixes and Wifi calling


It's not Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now that we have that out of the way, the HTC Amaze 4G has a new OTA starting to roll out today, one that brings Wifi calling and a few software fixes to users of the best looking phone ever made.  Besides Wifi calling, the fixes are:

  • Improvements to Bluetooth connection
  • Clock widget not updating with time zone change
  • Improvement to Twitter and Peep application
  • Improved Wifi  connection

So we're not looking at a huge milestone in the software development of the Amaze, but take it from me -- Wifi calling is sweet and reason enough to look forward to this one.  You'll see it soon (the initial rollout begins today, and continues until Jan. 20 2012), and it promises to be a painless update.  Like all promises, that can be broken, so keep an eye on the Amaze 4G forums to stay abreast of any issues folks are finding. 

Source: T-Mobile; via TMoNews

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5 years ago

How to use Google Music


Make no mistake -- Android is multimedia-centric, and it does a darn fine job of it.  Whether you want to copy media to your device's storage, or want to stream from the cloud, Android, especially since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, can turn your phone or tablet into a great media player.  We're going to have a look at using Google Music, Google's storage-locker style streaming music application.

Read on for a walkthrough of how to use Google Music on the web and adding media, as well as playing it back on your Android device.

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5 years ago

3G version of Sony Tablet S showing up in the UK


A new variant of the Pope's favourite tablet, the Sony Tablet S, is now showing up for sale in the UK, the promised 3G version of Sony's Honeycomb offering. 

Costing £449 and shipping with Android 3.2, the 3G Tablet S is only available in the 16GB size. It also weighs a touch more than the wifi only version as you would expect, but otherwise all specs remain the same. Check the source link for more information.

Source: Sony

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5 years ago

Bolt Browser discontinued


Bad news for fans of the Bolt browser for Android -- it's been discontinued follwing the split of its parent company, Bitstream. The message at says it all:

The free BOLT mobile browsing service will be discontinued. Unfortunately, the economic circumstances prevent us from running a free service going forward. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your loyalty and support. 

And that, folks, is that.

Source: Bolt; More: BitStream; via CrackBerry

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5 years ago

Droid XYBOARD tablets are now on sale in stores


If you've been itching to get your hands on a Droid XYBOARD, the sequel to Motorola's XOOM, you can now purchase one at your local Verizon Wireless retail store. The XYBOARD packs a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, an IPS, Gorilla Glass-coated display, and an LTE radio, and comes in 10.1 and 8.2-inch flavors. The 10.1-inch XYBOARD is priced at $529.99, $629.99, and $729.99 for the 16, 32, and 64GB models respectively, while the 8.2-incher will set you back $429.99 and $529.99 for 16 or 32 GBs. 

Source: Verizon Wireless

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5 years ago

Samsung announces 300 million handsets sold in 2011


Samsung announced today that it has reached a major milestone in global sales, with 300 million handsets sold in 2011. Driving the momentum, Samsung says, is its Galaxy S line, which includes the original Galaxy S devices as well as the Galaxy S II smartphones, the latter having reached 10 million units sold faster than any device in the company's history. With the American release of the Galaxy Nexus, ongoing patent battles with Apple, and next year's revamped Galaxy tablets all on the horizon, it'll certainly be worth keeping an eye on whether or not Samsung can keep its momentum going into 2012. The full presser follows the break.

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5 years ago

Rogers LTE goes live in greater Vancouver, Toronto metros


Rogers announced today that its LTE service is now live in more cities in the greater Toronto and Vancouver area. Rogers says that its 4G network will cover 30% of the Canadian population by year's end. Cities in the Toronto area that are now covered include:

  • Mississagua
  • Brampton
  • Vaughan
  • Richmond Hill
  • Markham

And in the west:

  • West Vancouver
  • North Vancouver
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Delta
  • Langley
  • Surey
  • Maple Ridge

Sounds like it's time for you all to treat yourself to the Galaxy S II LTE, HTC Raider, or the HTC Jetstream LTE. 

Source: Roger's Redboard

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5 years ago

BBC iPlayer update coming in the new year, finally bringing 3G streaming


The BBC have come out today with some information regarding a future update to their Android offering, which will finally bring 3G streaming to the application. 

With 1.2 million downloads on Android alone, the decision to bring 3G streaming to the iPlayer will prove to be a popular one. The BBC have been working alongside British carriers to introduce the feature while keeping the viewing experience of a high quality. They're not quite finished with the Android version yet, as there's still work to be done "to improve the video playback experience." They expect to launch the updated app in the new year.

Source: BBC

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5 years ago

Google Wallet rumoured to land in the UK before 2012 Olympics


2012 is a big year for the United Kingdom, with London playing host to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. According to a French newspaper, Google might also be along for the ride launching Google Wallet in the UK in time for the games. 

A report in Les Echos suggests that Google is in talks with banks and retailers on our side of the pond to get the service up and running by March next year. Otherwise the article is pretty vague, and we've yet to hear anything from Google on the matter.

Source: Les Echos via Techradar UK

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5 years ago

NOOK Color to receive OTA update this week, includes Netflix support


Barnes & Noble has announced that they will roll out a software update for the NOOK Color that includes Netflix support. The update will be software version 1.4.1 and will include:

  • Netflix support, as mentioned above
  • Comic and graphic novels
  • New PagePerfect NOOK books
  • The ability to read books in portrait or landscape mode

The update will be an OTA that will roll out beginning today. It will automatically download to your NOOK once you're on Wi-Fi and the device is idle. If you absolutely have to have the update right now, here is the link to the manual update.

Source: Barnes & Noble; More: Nook Color forums

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5 years ago

My Logitech Revue is lying to me, and I'm afraid to argue with it again


Yes, my Logitech Revue is a liar.  I've been waiting patiently for the mythical Honeycomb update for my Revue for at least a month, I even got a friendly e-mail from Logitech telling me I would be getting an update soon.  Then last Wednesday, Logitech came out and said everyone should be getting an update "this week."  Well, it's midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, and officially next week and still no update for me.  I'm sure it's a conspiracy of some sorts, and I know if I look deep enough I'll find out how it's tied to the release of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.  I'll get to the bottom of this!

In the meantime, I figure "Hey, I'm an Android nerd.  I'll manually update from a leaked file on the web!"  Yeah, that didn't go over so well.  Turns out that leaked file wasn't the correct update path from stock 2.1 to 3.1, and hilarity bricks ensued.  Not just to me (so maybe this one isn't a conspiracy) either.  Seems like more than a few people took matters into their own hands and made their Revue a $99 paperweight.  Including Kevin Pereira, host of "Attack of the Show" on G4TV, who knew just what to do to fix it.



There's nothing a hammer won't fix.  Nothing.

So I've replaced my Revue, and this time I'm going to wait for the update to push to me, like a normal person.  I don't like it very much, but there's nothing I can do about it.  And about that leaked update firmware?  You'll find it at with updated instructions that plainly say you shouldn't use it unless you're running one of the earlier leaks.  You're on your own if you go that route, so be careful.  The Revue is still the best $99 I ever spent, I just want to it be better.  Hurry, Logitech!

Source: @kpereira (Kevin Pereira) 1, 2

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5 years ago

Day 7 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration


It's Day 7 of  Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration. Here's what we're seeing so far this fine Monday morning:

And a couple more repeats today as well -- Beautiful Widgets and Sound Hound.

Also: Day 1 apps, Day 2 apps, Day 3 apps, Day 4 apps, Day 5 apps, Day 6 apps

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5 years ago

Video unboxing of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Yeah, yeah. We don't do unboxings. We know. But that doesn't mean it's not awesome when our readers uboxing unreleased phones. And that's what we've got here -- a proper (and rather decent) video unboxing of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus. (Only makes sense since we're seeing some sold a tad early, no?)

Not a whole lot here you wouldn't already know from reading our Galaxy Nexus review. And, yes, it's yet another teaser for a phone that still doesn't have an official release date. (Dec. 15 is the current unofficial favorite.)

Anyhoo, enjoy. And thank, anon, for sending it in!

More: Galaxy Nexus forums

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