5 years ago

Android Quick App: MiniSquadron



Like action shooters?  Secretly jealous that Android doesn't seem to have the "best" ones?  Then you'll love MiniSquadron, another iOS favorite that's made it's way to Android.  To make things even better, it's another game that uses open feint for multiplayer connectivity.  But wait for it -- it's also on sale for just 99 cents until Sept. 19, when it goes back to $2.99.  We've got a video and download links after the break, check it out.

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5 years ago

Skyhook sues Google over alleged strong-arming of Motorola


Google Maps pinBack in April it was announced that Motorola was switching to Boston-based Skyhook for location services on its Android phones. That never happened, apparently, and now Skyhook has filed suit against Google, saying it strong-armed Motorola into breaking contracts. A separate lawsuit alleges patent infringement.

The suit basically says that Google -- and VP of engineering Andy Rubin specifically -- told smartphone manufacturers they couldn't ship Android phones unless they used Google's location service, and that Motorola was told to halt orders even after Skyhook had been tested and approved by Google. Skyhook also said the same thing happened with another unnamed company.

So what does this mean for us, the end users? In the short-term, not too much, so long as there's not some crazy ruling that halts all current shipments until this is sorted out. (And that's pretty far-fetched.) Like all lawsuits of this nature, this one's going to take time to hash out. We may yet see Skyhook used on Android phones; we may see the lawsuit disappear. We'll just have to wait and see.

That said, it wouldn't disappoint us to see Google tightening the reins a bit on what can be changed at the lower levels of Android. (We're looking at you, Verizon.) We just hope they do it in a way that doesn't break existing contracts -- or hurt end users. [NYT]

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5 years ago

Dell Streak may one day be coming to a hospital near you


Imagine this scenario: You are being rushed to the ER in an ambulance and everyone around you looks a like a complete blur. You finally put the pieces together, you were just hit by a car. As you're being rushed down the hallway to the ER, you take notice to a glow coming from a physician's hand. She is holding a Dell Streak. Realistically, you probably wouldn't notice it  -- but I'm trying to paint a picture here. And on that Streak, the physician can pull up your medical records: blood type, age, allergies -- the list goes on, all while sating true to HIPAA's compliances.

While that scenario might seem like something out of a TV show about a hospital, it is actually happening in today's emergency rooms. Dell Healthcare Solutions announced coming this Fall, hospitals will be able to purchase the Dell Streak to use in their facilities. Android helping to save lives -- pretty cool, eh? Full list of benefits after the break! [BusinessWire]

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5 years ago

Sprint sponsors 4G application challenge



It's become quite evident that there are some extremely talented Android developers out there with some unique ideas and great ways of bringing them to the table for us. In hopes of bringing more developers on board with their 4G movement, Sprint has offered up a nice sum of money for some grand prize winners. There will be five categories; entertainment, gaming, productivity, social networking and multimedia, giving developers a fair chance since it is not limited to just one category. You think you got what it takes to bring home the $50,000 prize that is up for grabs? If so, be sure to check out all the details and get yourself entered here.

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5 years ago

LG Optimus One is headed to Europe, to be carried by T-Mobile


LG Optimus One

It was only a couple days ago that we reported LG's announcement about two new phones, the Optimus One and the Optimus Chic. Now, the Optimus One is already headed to Europe and will be launching on T-Mobile soon.

The LG Optimus One sports:

  • 3.2-inch touchscreen
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 3 MP camera
  • 600 MHz processor
  • 1500 mAh battery

T-Mobile is calling this the "Navigation Edition" and appears to come with a car dock in the box. No word yet on specific dates, but we'll keep on eye out for all those anxiously awaiting it over in Europe. [T-Mobile UK via Coolsmartphone]

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5 years ago

New features in Fennec 2.0 for Android nightlies


Android Fennec

It's been a couple weeks since Mozilla unleashed their Fennec alpha builds upon us, and some welcome changes are making their way into the product.  For anyone living under a rock, Fennec is Mozilla's code name for the version of Firefox for mobile devices, and something a whole lot of us are looking forward to.  Some of the changes are big, some not so much, and some are just magical.

The biggest changes come to the Awesomebar, which has been rebranded as the Awesomescreen (probably to hold more awesome) and the layout has been changed, merging things like bookmarks and search into a single UI.  This gives more room for things like badging the Awesomescreen URL's with web metadata, so you get a useful visual like this:

Gmail badge with unread count


Other changes like improved right-to-left locale support (think Hebrew) and support for Android's native notifications are also quite nice.  If you're curious, and especially if the first pre-alpha build didn't work so well for you, head over to the download page (on your Android device) and give the latest nightly build a shot.  [Mark Finkle's Weblog]

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5 years ago

HTC Desire now available on Cellular South


HTC Desire on Cellular South

Remember how we said the HTC Desire would be available on Cellular South mid-week? Well, it's hump day people, and the Desire indeed is on sale now for $149.99 after contract and rebate. What do you get for all that scratch? Check out our full review of the U.S. Cellular version for a good idea. [Cellular South] Thanks, GigabitDrew!

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5 years ago

Sony's roadmap leaked for its Xperia X10 line of phones (hint: No Froyo)


Xperia roadmap

A leaked roadmap for Sony's Xperia X10 line of phones has been found, showing some of the future updates for the devices. According to the document, there will be three major firmware releases upcoming: 1.6, 2.1 and 2.1x. The Xperia X10 is set to get 2.1 shortly (we have been hearing that for a while), and this update will bring:

  • 720 video recording with continuous autofocus
  • Five homescreens
  • HTML5 support
  • A social phonebook that will linke Facebook and Twitter with your Contacts

The X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, as well as the X8 are also due to receive the 2.1 OTA. With this update, small updates are given including:

  • An incremental change in the four corner navigation
  • Bluetooth 2.1

After 2.1, Sony is preparing 2.1x, which is there renewed and alledgly improved UX platform to Timescape and Mediascape.

The bad news is that there was no mention of Froyo (2.2) in the roadmap, leading us and users to question whether the X10 will ever be getting the latest OS version.

No word on dates from the roadmap; we have been hearing that the X10 will be updated so often that anyone's guess to when that will be is as good as ours.  [Xperiax10 via Se-nse]

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5 years ago

Bitbop for Android brings streaming TV



The new subscription streaming television service BitBop has arrived, with an Android app in tow.  Users with the Sprint Evo 4G, Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, Nexus One, and Droid Incredible can download the app directly from Bitbop here (BitBop's application is not on the Android Market), set up an account and use a free three-day trial to see what the service offers.  The full subscription price is $9.99 per month, the same cost as Hulu Plus.  Unlike Hulu Plus, BitBop allows for downloading of content for watching later, and is commercial free. 

We've got a few screenshots of the application after the break, and I'm going to give it a workout and see how it stands up.  I'll let you guys know how it goes after a week or so! [Mashable]

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5 years ago

Poll: How often do you reboot?


 Android reboot

The new HTC Desire HD is fast. So darn fast, it boots up in 10 seconds. Really, it does. (Check out Engadget's video showing it. Don't blink.) But that begs the question: How often do you reboot your phone? Chances are with the Desire HD, you won't mind doing it more often. (It also stands to reason you won't have to reboot as often, but that's another matter.)

How often do you reboot your Android phone?customer surveys

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5 years ago

Android Quick App: Fruit Ninja (with Open Feint)


 Fruit Ninja for Android

That's right, folks, it's Fruit Ninja on Android. No longer is it just for the iPhone. And better yet, with Open Feint, you can compete against your friends and join leaderboards as you slice and dice your way through various pieces or juicy fruit. Yeah, we're addicted already. And for 99 cents, it's worth every penny. Check it out after the break, along with the download links.

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5 years ago

Unreal Engine 3 is now running on Android, too [video]



Just a  few days ago, we reported about id Software possibly developing on the Android platform. Also just a few days ago, it seemed like game developer, Epic Games, would not be developing their Unreal Engine 3 tech on the Android platform. With the imminent launch of Epic Citadel for iOS, it seemed like Apple and Epic Games had become buddy, buddy.

Now we are hearing tweets of a different tune. It looks like the Unreal Engine 3 can run on Android devices. Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games, Mark Rein, tweeted, "We've demoed Unreal Engine 3 on Android w/Tegra 2 before and at KCG today we showed it on a Samsung Galaxy S device." Additionally, he tweeted a link to a YouTube video demoing Trendy Entertainment's, Dungeon Defenders, running on a Tegra 2 powered device (full video after the break). If developers start licenceing Unreal Engine 3 tech for Android, you can be sure to start seeing some better games on the Android Market. [Droid Gamers] Thanks Andrew for sending this tip in.

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5 years ago

From the Forums: Protecting the camera lens on your Evo 4G [video]


protect that lens!

It's pretty cool that smartphones today come with high megapixel cameras, and the Evo 4G's 8 MP 720p camera is no exception.  But the way it protrudes from the back of the device is a headache in the making.  Even if you don't review Android phones for a living and drag them across a stone table all day long (ahem), there's a good chance you'll scratch or even break the protective glass over the actual lens.  Android Central forum member rem_kujawa shows us a cheap and effective solution he found on YouTube using scrap from your local bog box store.  Check the video after the break.  [YouTube via Android Central Forums]

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5 years ago

Review: Motorola Spare Battery Charger



One of the hardest parts of owning my Motorola Droid has been keeping a battery that is charged in the device. But while on the go there is not always a charger that is easily accessible, so I had to explore some other options. After deciding on a spare battery, I began using it and quickly came to realize my next issue, how do I charge both batteries at the same time, with only one device? So let's take a look after the jump at the Motorola Spare Battery Charger, which is the option that was most fitting.

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5 years ago

Taiwanese component makers say HTC tablet coming Q1 2011


Making a complicated and intricate electronic device like a smartphone or tablet, doesn't exactly happen over night, these things take time. Well, unless you're an Augen tablet -- but that's besides the point. To at least make a decent product: parts need to be designed, tested, mass produced, and assembeled; all well in advance before the end product hit the shelves. Luckly for us Android folk, these manufacturers have a hard time keeping some things tight-lipped.

Looks like the cat might be out of the bag. The hit-and-miss DigiTimes is reporting that Taiwanese component manufacturers are on board for a future HTC tablet that may be released as early as Q1 2011. Our guess is -- that is if this rumor is true --  Google once again is working closely with HTC to manufacture an official Google tablet; much like they did with the Nexus One. After all, the Nexus One was released in Q1 of 2010. [DigiTimes]

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