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Eyes On: General Mobile DSTL1 Android Device at MWC


Hey look what we have here! The HTC Magic wasn't the only Android Device at MWC! We have the DSTL1 from General Mobile and guess what folks, it runs Android! We had originally reported on the DSTL1 coming to MWC and we were definitely impressed with its product shots. After taking a look at the device, it looks to be a solid first effort that just misses the mark.

Here are some of the notable specs:

  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Dual Sim Card Capabilities
  • 4 GB Internal Memory + microSD expansion
  • WiFi

and the not so notable info:

  • Resistive Touchscreen
  • EDGE Only
  • under $500, shipping Q2 2009

We can't deny that the DSTL1 looks beautiful--it's definitely sharper (and glossier) than any Android phone on the market and easily comparable to some of Windows Mobile's sleekest. What saddens us is the specs: the barely good enough resolution, the resistive touchscreen and the lack of 3G.

Unlike Windows Mobile, Android has no need for styli and resistive touch screens! And unlike the Blackberry Curve 8900, we LIKE our 3G! So Android Central's first impression is that this DSTL1 is a solid first effort and definitely interesting but there should be better options out there. We'll definitely keep our eyes open for DSTL2's or DSTL3's and General Mobile news in the future!

Read more to see a video of the DSTL1 !

[via engadget]


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Guitar Hero Coming To Android Market


Get ready to rock, folks! The uber-popular music game Guitar Hero, where you channel your inner Rock Star, is coming to Android Market! Obviously Guitar Hero on Android won't be the full featured version but you can expect some solid tracks from the likes of Deep Purple and Guns N' Roses, among others. We should expect gameplay to be similar to Tap Tap Revenge on the iPhone--it's not quite the real thing, but trust us, still loads of fun.

Guitar Hero on Android will soon be available to purchase through Android Market. Now that Android Market is accepting paid applications, we can expect more developers of Activision-caliber to develop apps and games for Android.  What do you guys think about Guitar Hero on Android?

[via joystiq]

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T-Mobile To Offer $50 Unlimited Plan


T-Mobile is reportedly planning to offer a number of new plan and pricing options to their customers. According to a leaked screenshot, you'll have some great deals from the carrier. We're talking $50/month for unlimited anytime minutes with long distance, voicemail, three-way calling, and caller ID. Those customers who add a line and port a number to T-Mobile are in line for a $135 credit as well.

Family Talk Anytime Unlimited would be $90 with additional lines at $40. Data and Text messaging bundles are quoted at their current rate. We're not sure how accurate this report is, but it's definitely a juicy one. These unadvertised deals are supposed to begin on March 1st and will be offered to eligible customers via text, email, or phone.

[via electronista]

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THREE Samsung Androids by End 2009


First they said their Android handsets were delayed. Then they were a no-show for MWC in Barcelona. Then, they weren't delayed again. Or, was that delayed no-show? No-show fo sho? Samsung is making our heads spin, but according to Won-Pyo Hong, Samsung's head of product strategy, the company would unveil "more than three" (yes, THREE) Android handsets by the end of the year. Is talk cheap or is this the real deal?

There is no confirmation concerning where these handsets will be released into the wild. Europe? Asia? The U.S.? Mr. Hong did confirm that Samsung Android handsets will be available in America and Europe by the end of the year. Is it time to start holding our breath?


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Quickoffice Coming to Android


The office suite from Quickoffice is on it's way to an Android phone near you - hopefully the G1 in your hand. Quickoffice will be available soon in the Android Market for $7.99. It will provide viewing only of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Quickoffice will also feature file manager for easy memory card navigation of files, renaming and deleting files, and easy sorting of documents.

We would love to have a full-featured version that includes features like creating and editing documents and spreadsheets, but maybe that will come in future versions? Is $7.99 worth the price of admission for viewing only?


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Docs To Go and RoadSync Exchange Client Shown on Android


I just got finished getting a full demo of Docs To Go and RoadSync for Google Android on the G1. Short version: very very impressive. Docs To Go, with support for editing Word Documents and Spreadsheets, is currently targeted for sometime in March -- unless the Google's framework for Paid apps gets in the way. Pricing isn't quite set yet.

We also got a look at RoadSync, which is a crazy good app that allows you to get Exchange email and contacts pushed out to Android. It does it via 2 separate applications -- one that sits in the background and is an ActiveSync client to allow your email to be pushed out, the other is a full-featured email client for your Exchange emails. If you have both Docs To Go and RoadSync installed, RoadSync will also give you full support for attached documents. The timeline for RoadSync's release is a little less unclear, but if the demo that I saw today is any indication, DataViz doesn't have all that much more work to do on it. As with Docs To Go, pricing isn't yet determined.

That's the global overview. Impressions and a few more photos after the break.

Both Word To Go and Sheet To Go are full-featured editing applications. Word To Go supports inline images, full formatting of text, outlines, and the like. Both work in landscape and portrait modes. The apps really sing on the G1 and look great. DataViz said that Android is a joy to develop for -- in part because the way apps work on Android is some Java on top of Linux and DataViz was able to use much of what they've learned developing their Java-based BlackBerry version.

Sheet To Go is especially impressive. You can set your zoom level, navigate by touch or the trackball (naturally), and formulas work with no problem and are completely live. In other words, if you have an autosum set up and change a value, the autosum changes your total automatically, just like a spreadsheet app should.  As you can see from the image at the top of the post, it's all very readable and usable and feels very much like a desktop app.

RoadSync is also impressive.  As I said, it's a full ActiveSync client -- it nicely sits in your notification's bar and window shade so you know it's active.  You can turn it on and off and set up your server settings -- that's about all there is to it.  The real action comes from their email client -- rather than try to hack into the default email or Gmail clients (which would have caused a lot of pain, likely), DataViz simply created their own separate email client that looks and feels pretty similar to Android's non-Gmail email client.  This was a good decision on their part because it allows them to plug in full support for their Docs To Go suite, meaning you can download attachments for editing in Docs To Go.

Full document editing on Android has been a long time coming. Given DataViz's history of developing excellent office apps on pretty much every other mobile platform out there (including the iPhone, by the way) hopefully means we'll see the same rich feature set coming to Android at launch.

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Acer Working On Two Android Phone Models, Super Secret Devices


This is admittedly weak, but hey, after the first day that Android had at MWC we'll take anything at this point. Even some scribbled plans supposedly regarding Acer's 2009 roadmap. As we can see in this wonderfully plain notebook, an Acer representative presented this to Engadget Spanish and literally jotted down the 2009 Acer smartphone plans which include 2 "secret models" for Android. Details are completely unknown at this point but "secret Android models" certainly has a ring to it.

Can companies just start announcing their Android devices yet? The T-Mobile G1 is cool and the HTC Magic is exciting but the world wants more, more, more already.

[via engadget]

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Android Market: Top Ten UK Applications


T-Mobile UK just released the statistics regarding the top 10 most popular Android applications. If you remember, we published a report regarding the most popular Android applications according to US users a few months ago--there are similarities in the lists but they are both still unique.

Here are the most popular Android Apps according to the UK:

  1. The Weather Channel
  2. MySpace Mobile
  3. ShopSavvy
  4. Daily Horoscope
  5. Free Dictionary Org
  6. Ringdroid
  7. Backgrounds
  8. Barcode Scanner
  9. Save MMS
  10. Compare Everywhere

[via androidcommunity]

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T-Mobile To Cover 200 Million In 3G Glory


It's no secret that T-Mobile has the weakest 3G Coverage nationwide. You can fault them for arriving late to the 3G party but you can't deny their effort since rolling out T-Mobile 3G Networks across the country. Now for the year 2009, T-Mobile has lofty goals--to cover 200 million Americans with its 3G network by the end of 2009. They made the promise to cover over 100 million in 2008, if more Android devices release (as hoped), T-Mobile is going to need every single one of those 3G towers.


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Hands On: HTC Magic!


Casey already provided you with the spec of the HTC Magic which are not dissimilar to the G1. What is new and pretty exciting is the form factor and cupcake!

My first thought handling the G2 was that I was overjoyed to find it to be a little bit thinner and more-rounded throughout. My second thought was "Hey, wait a second, this is HTC and they can made stuff like the Diamond ultra-small. Can't this be smaller?" Eventually, yes, HTC will manage to shrink down Android devices. For now we're actually still seeing stuff that's been in development for a long, long time. Still, no real complaints about the size.

Read on for more thoughts and a gallery!

The screen on the G2 seemed brighter and crisper to me than the G1s, but when held up in comparison they actually ended up looking fairly similar -- just the shine of a new gadget getting to me. What is slightly better is the feel of the screen -- it felt firmer to me. The microSD card is underneth the battery door -- but not underneath the battery, thank the lords of gadgets. That battery, by the way, is the same size as the G1s, so don't guy importing a G2 in the hopes that you'll be able to squeak out more hours from your Android smartphone.

Cupcake seemed pretty good to me, but it's not the end-all-be-all of Android OSes, there's still plenty of work to be done. I barely got a chance to really test out the soft keyboard, so I can't speak to it much beyond saying that "it's there." Gmail is also slightly updated in Cupcake. My favorite feature (see it in the gallery below) is a new feature for the home screen. Sadly, it's not more widgets. Instead, it's "Live Folders," which let you create folders of things that are updated automatically (like, say, Starred Contacts).

The unit you're seeing here is actually pre-production. The final unit has a different and more logical layout, moving the send and end keys down below and lining up the rest at top. As you can see here, the Chin stays. Though I'm (infamously?) fond of the Chin and find it very useful, others might not think it's so cute or good.

Availability: April-ish in Europe.

Enough jibber jabber, on to the photos:


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More Evidence of Android Netbooks


Freescale Semiconductor has developed an ARM Cortex A8-based i.MX515 system-on-chip (SoC), and they have announced that Android is one of the operating systems that ports to the chip.

What does this mean in plain English? This SoC is now available in a development board, including a netbook reference design. According to Linuxdevices.com:

"The Open Handset Alliance's Android mobile Linux/Java project already supported ARM, including the Qualcomm MSM7201A ARM processor used on the HTC G1. The new Android support for the i.MX515 is yet another of numerous recent signs that Android netbooks are on the way."

It's exciting to contemplate a low-cost, Android-based netbook. The timing on when something like this could be available is uncertain, but when it is, how many of you will be tempted to pick one up?


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The Mysterious (and iPhone-ish) Huawei Android Touchphone


Even though folks like Samsung failed to deliver anything Android-ish at MWC, an intriguing handset from Huawei was on display, albeit a non-working prototype. The Huawei Android phone looks an awful lot like the iPhone 2G I sold on eBay not long ago.

Although this prototype lacks the hardware buttons that Android requires for normal operation, Huawei has revealed that they are working with an "established design consultancy" to customize their own user interface. Huawei also reports that this mystery Android phone will be available sometime in Q3 '09, rebranded through a yet-unnamed wireless carrier.

iPhone-ish or not, it would be nice to have more Android handsets in the marketplace.


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Vodafone Announces HTC Magic AKA G2


Maybe we spoke a little too soon. Fresh off of our report regarding the Vodafone and the HTC Magic AKA the G2, Vodafone just announced the touchscreen only device in their press conference at MWC 09. The first markets to receive the HTC Magic will be the UK (April launch), Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. Also of note, the HTC Magic is going to be a timed exclusive for Vodafone meaning us US users won't be getting first dibs. Sadface.

Anyways, here are the basic specs:

  • Qualcomm MSM7201a, 528MHz.
  • 512MB ROM, 192MB RAM
  • 3.2 inch 320x480 HVGA Screen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera (no flash)
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth

Size specs:

  • 4.45 x 2.17 x .54 (comparable to the G1, a wee bit smaller)
  • 4.18 ounces

And finally, the more interesting specs:

  • No physical keyboard
  • 1340 mAh battery
  • ExtUSB (argh!)
  • Compass Mode
  • Comes in White/Black

In all, this looks great! But why no US love? What do you guys think about the HTC Magic?


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We're At Mobile World Congress, But Where Is Android ?


Our Editor-in-Chief Dieter Bohn is at MWC in Barcelona, Spain gathering all the news he can about new devices, applications, and basically the state of the mobile industry. He's been doing a wonderful job for our sister site WMExperts but where's the love for Android? We had expected a HUGE Android turnout at the show but at the moment, the biggest news coming out of MWC is the complete lack of Android Devices--Android is just no where to be found.

We're quite obviously disappointed because as great as we think the T-Mobile G1 is, the appeal of Android is in its potential--not its current performance. We knew that the bigwigs like Samsung and Motorola weren't ready to showcase their devices but we expected a heck of a lot more from other companies that could definitely use some of the press. HTC announced all Windows Mobile devices. Nokia is sticking with Symbian. Huawei is just showing off a non-working prototype. And honestly, we're starting to worry.

Talking to our main man Dieter, he tells us there just isn't any Android news to report on. After a solid launch of the T-Mobile G1, Android could have gained a ton of momentum with official announcements of upcoming devices. Sadly, the opposite happened. We got nothing. When we were at CES, there was no Android Smartphones announced. And now at Mobile World Congress, one of the bigger shows of the year, it looks like we might walk down that same path again...nothing.

We're going to keep our fingers crossed and hope that some Android-related news will pop up at MWC but if not, we'll continue to dig at the absence of Android. Stay tuned!

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More Android Market Paid Application Details


Following up our report on Android Market's paid applications price range, we found some more tidbits regarding Android Market's paid applications (via GoogleAndBlog):

  • You can return a paid application within 24 hours of purchase
  • Re-Installs of paid applications are free
  • No Sexually Explicit Material
  • Google bears no responsibility in billing disputes

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