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HTC Desire Z (Vision) and HTC Desire HD (Ace) set to release in Europe soon, found advertised on mobile site


HTC Desire Z

The HTC Desire Z, also known as the Vision, as well as the HTC Desire HD, formerly known as the Ace, are set to be released soon. HTC is holding a special event on September 15, most likely to introduce its new lineup of phones. 

Online store mobile.co.uk has begun displaying the new Desires, sort of. They're shown in silhouette, there are no specs listed, and "prices have not yet been confirmed." It's likely what we're looking at here is a retailer looking to get ahead of the pitch, not a formal declaration that the phones are on their way. (That said, we're pretty confident that the phones are on their way.)

As for those specs, however, here's a recap of what we think is known:

Desire Z:

  • 3.7-inch screen 
  • 480 x 800
  • Android 2.1 (Eclair)
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor

Desire HD:

  • 4.3-inch screen
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 8mp camera
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 720p video capture
  • 1GHz processor

Two strong Android phones, these are great follow ups to the original Desire, another great device. [HTC Source]

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5 years ago

Trillian multi-client IM app now in open beta for Android


Trillian IM chat

Who has two thumbs, seven Android phones and has a hankering for some multi-client instant messaging on Android? This guy. The popular desktop IM client Trillian is now in open beta for Android for a limited time. With it, you can keep up with your pals on AIM, Gtalk, IRC, Mobile Me, Facebook, MySpaceIM, Yahoo and a handful of other protocols, all from a single app on your phone.

Along with the usual Trillian support, you get tabbed chats, landscape mode, and can sent emoticons, photos and send pings (oh boy) to your friends "to demand attention."

The beta period won't last forever, and the app will expire at the end of the beta (at which time we'll likely have to pay for it. So snag it now and give it a shot. [Trillian]

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5 years ago

From the Forums -- aHome 4 beta released


aHome beta 4  aHome Beta 4

Whether you're getting tired of the vanilla look, or feeling like PhilBlur just isn't for you, or just ready to try something new, the good people at Mappn have delivered. We looked at aHome 4 a few weeks back when we got hold of some leaked screen shots, and now you can, too.  The developers are actively seeking feedback, and looking for some artistic types to work up some more themes as well.  Give it a look! [Android Central forums]

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5 years ago

Google calendar sync now to support Outlook 2010



Calendars are something that we all depend on, and Google has done a great job with ensuring that the Google Calendar service sync's with almost any service. But until recently, we were missing a huge one -- Outlook. Google has introduced Outlook 2010 support to Google Sync. It runs on your desktop, where it syncs your Outlook to your gmail, which then can sync to your Android phone. For more information, as well as set up instructions, hit the source link. [Gmail Blog]

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5 years ago

Spare a penny? Score a Samsung Vibrant from Amazon


For those of you frugal readers who missed T-Mobile's 24-hour $99 Samsung Vibrant sale, Amazon is looking to one-up them with a sale of its own, offering the very phone for a mere $0.01 listed price, no shenanigans.

Amazon and Amazon Wireless are selling the Vibrant for one penny -- with a two-year contract, of course -- and with there being only a pennies difference between getting it for free or paying (a penny) for it, it's safe to say this is virtually free, if not quite a steal. The Vibrant (read our full review here) sports Android 2.1, a snappy 1 GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, a beautiful 4-inch Super AMOLED  screen, 5-megapixel camera, 16GB internal storage and plenty of other perks that over qualify this phone to be, "the best penny you ever spent." (Thanks to all of you who sent this in!)

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5 years ago

Remembering and forgetting Wifi networks

5 years ago

Factory firmware for Samsung Tab availble, even if the device isn't


Samsung Tab

While we're all waiting for release dates and information about Samsung's Tab (which may not even be called the Tab), we don't have to wait for the tablet's software.  Samsung-Firmwares has a copy of the European version's ROM, and it gives us some insight to the a few of the technical details:

Hopefully, a gigantic SAMOLED screen is on board as well, but we can't tell that from the firmware. You curious hacker-types can check out the software HERE (.rar password is samsung-firmwares.com).  [Samsung-Firmwares via OLED-Dispaly.net]

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5 years ago

It's not the Androids that make you crazy


 Yes, you are crazy

In the end, it's not the giant Android cake, with more of that fondant stuff than should be allowed by the FDA. And it's not the gang of Android minis on the tower in the background. No, it's the cat poster that has us worrying here. That's just not right. Hit the link for more where that came from. [Android Central Forums]

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5 years ago

After 'Gingerbread,' next Android version to be called 'Honeycomb?'



TechRadar has done some digging, and actually have "multiple sources" that confirm that the version of Android following Android 3.0 ("Gingerbread") will be named "Honeycomb." Following Google's naming conventions for the OS, one could reasonably assume that a snack starting with "H" was up for the next next update. The previous named versions are: 1.5 ("Cupcake"), 1.6 ("Donut"), 2.0/1 ("Eclair"), and 2.2 ("Froyo"). There weren't many choices available, but I personally was rooting for "Haagen-Daz." [TechRadar via Gizmodo]

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5 years ago

Vodafone preps for Samsung Galaxy Tab


 Samsung Galaxy Tab on Vodafone

If you're on Vodafone and itching to get the as-yet-announced Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet, see here! Looks like the Euro carrier's getting ready for the big guy, and it'll be available off-contract as well as on contract, which is nice. As for when it will be available? That's still an unknown, though word on the street is we may see it announced in a month or so. 

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5 years ago

Custom recovery for Droid X -- almost there


Droid X recovery

Android hacker Koush has done it again, this time by creating a method to (almost) have his famous Clockwork recovery on the Motorola Droid X.  He does state that this isn't a "real" recovery, and there's a big list of caveats and issues attached. Frankly, unless you understand the cautions and warnings pointed out, wait another week before giving it a whirl.  I don't think this can brick your X, but it could leave you scratching your head and feeling helpless while it refuses to boot up.

The good news -- this is Koush we're talking about.  If anyone can work magic on a Moto, he can.  He already has plans to get this in Rom Manager, which will make things easier, and while the locked and encrypted bootloader may keep a full custom recovery from ever happening, you can bet this working method will be refined and made more usable in the near future. 

Moto, we love you.  We love your Android phones.  Do you see now that it isn't worth it?  As long as you make handsets we want to buy, we will find a way to open them up.  Save yourself the headache, and the money and stop locking down your phones, please.

We're not going to give any download links for this one, because each and every person who plans to use it needs to read the warnings from the developer himself.  You can find those, as well as download information in the source link.  [MyBrainHurts -- Koushik Dutta's blog]

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5 years ago

How to keep your friends from checking you in on Facebook


 Facebook Places

Facebook tonight announced its "Places" feature, wherein it allows you to directly "check in" at any location, without the use of a third-party app to do so. And that's fine. And it also lets your friends check in for you, which is not so fine. The good news is that the first time someone does this, you'll get an e-mail asking if it's OK and if you want to allow people to check you in in the future. It's currently available in the updated iOS app, say our pals at TiPb, and at touch.facebook.com if your browser supports HTML5 and geolocation -- two things Google's made a big deal of in its mobile browser technology -- and it's safe to assume it'll be coming to the Android Facebook app at some point.

Me? I'm not taking any chances. (And, quite frankly, if you're in the same place as me, you're incriminating yourself just as much.) You can disable that "feature" now by going into your privacy settings. Hit the "customize" link, scroll down to the "things other share" section, and disable the "Friends can check me into places" feature."

Last time my friends checked me into somewhere, I woke up in a padded room with a single light bulb and a bunch of ink blots. Never again, folks. Never again. [Facebook]

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5 years ago

New App Inventor invites from Google; showcase your creations in our forums



Google is in the midst of sending out a new round of beta invites for its Android App Inventor service. Invites have been scarce since the launch back in July, so make sure to check your Gmail inbox if you signed up for your own golden ticket. The program works by pairing a webapp accessed through your browser and a downloadable Java file and requires no coding experience to get up and running. The interface is drag-and-drop, and Google even provedes a couple tutorials to get you up and running. 

And to boot, we're opening up the Android Central Forums to the Android App Inventor. Here, you can connect to other users of the program to discuss features, ask and answer questions, and even post your apps for other users to try out before releasing them onto the Android Market. Hit up the links to sign up for an App Inventor invite and then dive into the forums. See you there! [Android App Inventor | Android Central Forums] Thanks to @_JKK_  for confirming! 

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5 years ago

T-Mobile confirms Motorola Charm for Aug. 25 release for a mere $75


T-Mobile confirms Charm release date

T-Mobile has confirmed via Twitter that the Motorola Charm will be available on August 25.  We were pretty sure this was the date, as we saw a leaked T-Mobile document a few weeks back with the same date, but it's always nice to get confirmation from the carrier instead of riding the coattails of a rumor. We also have pricing: $75 after the usual contract and rebate stuff.

While the Charm doesn't necessarily qualify as a superphone high-end smartphone, it does carry a very interesting form factor, especially for users who are textaholics.  Yes, I mean you (and me) ex-BlackBerry users.  The bar style with a decent looking QWERTY should appeal to many, and the rear trackpad is one gimmick that I'm in love with.  Anyone picking one of these up? [T-Mobile via Twitter]

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5 years ago

Dell Streak torn down until it's not so big anymore


Dell Streak teardown

It's not sugar and spice, and everything nice, but sometimes resistors and IC's and ribbon cables are better anyway.  Ifixit has gotten their hands on a Dell Streak, and what you see is the result.  A few highlights found during the process:

  • The LCD is bonded to the front panel glass to increase the strength of the device, as well as the sensitivity of the capacitive touch panel. The front panel's solid construction should withstand drops from above waist height.
  • The five T5 Torx screws holding the unit together are found right underneath the bezels on the front of the device. It's super easy to open it and take it apart.
  • The "C"-shaped motherboard comes out easily after disconnecting some cables. Rather than using daughterboards like the Droid 2, the Streak has all components attached to this singular motherboard.

They also give a very nice component list:

  •    Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon processor
  •    Analog Devices ADV7520 Low Power HDMI™/DVI Transmitter
  •    Hynix H8BES0UU0MCR NAND-based MCP
  •    Qualcomm MXU6219 RF transceiver
  •    Qualcomm PM7540 power management chip
  •    TriQuint Semiconductor TQS 7M5012 Power Amp (Quad-band GSM)
  •    Texas Instruments TPS 65023 integrated Power Management IC

If hardware pr0n is your thing, or if you're just curious about what goes into the world's biggest Android phone, hit the source link to have a peek. [ifixit

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