A new application from the developer that made Rdio allows users to integrate their contacts with Linkedin; it works similar to the way the Facebook and Twitter contact syncing does. There is no dedicated Linkedin application yet, so this looks to be a welcome addition to the Android Market.

The app, called Connectin, syncs phone numbers, photos, status updates and headlines (which are the titles associated with the Linkedin profile). It also supplies a link to open the full profile in the browser. 

Some planned features from the developer are:

  • In-app profile viewer
  • People search

The app is $0.99 and is now available in the Market. Follow the link or the QR code after the break to find it. [ via Tim Bray]

Note: Once you install it, it’ll be accessible via your System Settings > Accounts & Sync screen. Click the Add Account, and you should see a LinkedIn account type. Click that and you’ll be walked through the LinkedIn OAuth authorisation process. Once that’s done it’ll automatically start syncing in the background. To actually display the contacts go to your Contacts app and go to the Display option in the menu to enable display of LinkedIn contacts. On HTC phones using Sense UI, you’ll want to use the People Search app instead of Contacts.


Reader comments

Connectin brings Linked In contact integration to Android


Downloaded this immediately, but its not appearing in my apps screen and I can't launch it from the market. Has anyone else heard about problems with this app?

i like the idea of the app but the fact that the contacts only show up in the search people app. I think a better solution (other than having the apps show up in the contacts/people app natively) would be to have it show up as part of the online directory tab(where you search facebook, twitter or Exchange ActiveSync). At least then you won't have duplicates, as you would now.

Great start but needs refining.

Purchased and refunded - I really like the idea, but after syncing it twice (yes I followed the directions) my contacts would not show.

Droid X

Just downloaded the app, and had no problems with logging into my account and to sync my contacts. However ONLY the names and pictures of my contacts shows in my adress book?! Where is the email and phone number?

Anyone knows what I could be doing wrong?

Have a HTC legend.