the verizon lte lineup

Verizon announced four heavy LTE hitters at CES 2011, and it's a lot to digest if you're already planning your future purchase.  Have no fear -- Android Central forums member RichardClark has created a great spreadsheet in Google Docs that compares the HTC Thunderbolt, the LG Revolution, the Motorola Droid Bionic, and the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone (as well as the Droid X, and the Motorola Atrix 4G) specs side-by-side for your viewing pleasure.  It's chock full of information about each, and a great way to keep track of which phone has the features you need.  Check it out in the forums, and be sure to thank Richard for his hard work!

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icebike says:

I've often thought that AC should be making a database available for this kind of thing for all phones. Don't know if Google Docs would be able to handle the load, but it seems like this is badly needed with a new android phone dropping every week.

Blah says:

There is a Devices section up top that shows phones by carrier, but a tabular comparison would be nice.


probbiethe1 says:

This is exactly what i was looking for, a list of the new verizon phones, thanks

hmmm says:

Ugh all 4.3 inch screens. Looks like the Atrix is the only one I would care about but that's on AT&T. The bionic would be great in a 3.7-4 inch screen with that resolution. I hope when my next upgrade comes around this tablet sized theme we are seeing with phones has passed. I like a 3.7-4 inch screen for a phone.

3.7 aRE Obviously starting to fade fast... 4inch is the new base and more phones coming out would be 4.3... get used to it or get an iPhone at 3.5

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I know we don't talk much, mainly because you just ignore my messages, but still, I won't give up
please, PLEASE, make these phones, come to Europe, and not only the UK

thank you for your time

yours sincerely, a guy in Switzerland

Griffspen says:

Sorry, but God doesn't like Europe. He told me.

AndroidFTFW says:

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ShaneOryan says:

pfft.. god doesnt like the vatican

woodsb123 says:

Hey thanks guys. This is the exact info I needed while I anticipated my next Verizon Android phone.

noszero says:

No 4g on the iPhone for verizion. These phones have a chance then. Maybe.

hrbib21 says:

"Might have a chance"? Really? Android is taking more and more market share away from iOS each month. More like "Does Apple have a chance in this arena over the long haul? "

htowngator says:

LG and HTC phones arriving in a few weeks and then Bionic in April, apparently.

Bionic really is just a Droid X with updated specs and LTE.

Blah says:

I'm interested in seeing how well the LG phones do. I enjoy Sense UI a lot, but not a fan of the other manufacturer UIs. I like vanilla Android, but not sure of the Bing stuff LG may have added.

RichardClark says:

I was in the middle of adding some more data to the spreadsheet when I noticed the number of viewers quickly jumped up from 1-2 to 10-15. Currently it's up to around 40 simultaneous viewers. Now I know why. :) Thanks for the promo. Guess I had better get busy with the updates.

dcreed says:

Wow...Verizon has 4G Android phones? From all the news and nerdgasms, I thought they only carried the iPhone.

turbotooslow says:

The Samsung comes with the SAMOLED + screen, correct?

RichardClark says:

Correct. The Samsung LTE phone-with-no-name comes with a "Super AMOLED Plus".

stsullivan says:

rank the phone in order from best to last please i have a dinc I'm thinking i want the new Thunderbolt but still new to the Android and i can get a new phone what would would you get? thanks

RichardClark says:

Stsullivan, ranking the phones is highly subjective based on whatever factors you consider most important. So there's no one ranking that's right for everyone. For example, some have dual core as a requirement which would make the Bionic their #1. Others don't like the Motorola's habit of locking bootloaders, which would make Bionic their last choice. All of these phones have their strengths, so you have to decide which factors are most important to you.

ncbryan says:

In my mind the Bionic is leading the pack with the new dual core processor. Hopefully that will lead to amazing battery life with the standard battery. Would have been a no brainer if the Thunderbolt had the dual core chip. Might just keep my Dinc until more phones are released.

fort says:

Iphone 4 3g on their 4g network. Think I will take door number 2 4g.

hansonator says:

Don't see why everyone is getting so hot and bothered over VZN's laughable "4G" network. They are boasting speeds barely on par with HSPA. This year in Canada we will be getting 42 Mb/s HSPA from Bell and Telus. I get that LTE has a theoretical higher speed but it will be a long time before it's even close to what Sprint, T-Mobile and we Eskimos have. :lol:

BTW: Samsung Galaxy S I9000M running 2.2 Froyo for over a month. XD

OME6A says:

Yeah, but the downside there is that you have to live in Canada.

I am in the same boat. with a blackberry tour and an upgrade coming in april. this helps out alot!

Hand_O_Death says:

I also have a BB Tour weighing my pockets down. Unfortunately my upgrade opened on 12/23/10 and now I am itching for an upgrade. The wife got a DX on release day and I have been waiting (Not patiently) for CES to tell me what I NEED. and now I have to wait until March or April.

Personally I am leaning towards the Bionic or the Samsung.

evoss05 says:

Wow that LG looks like an evo 95%.

heraldo says:

That Bionic looks tough!