The Greatest Android Podcast in the World makes yet another triumphant return this week, and we've got a lot to catch up on. We'll recap our favorite stuff from Mobile World Congress — the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit, Sony Xperia Z2, Nokia X and more — look ahead to HTC's event on March 25, and of course we'll answer a bunch of your questions in the live Q&A.

So join us in a few hours — hit up this link to watch live — and we'll see you there!

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Tony Romano1 says:

I'm ready!

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jimbo says:

Check your link to the podcast, this time please. The "hit up this link" results in "invalid request" on my current EVO LTE smartphone.

jimbo says:

Finally got in a little late on You Tube. Don't know how I managed to do that. Perhaps due to desperate search on Google.

jdevenberg says:

Is there somewhere not Google+ we can watch live? Google+ is blocked at work!

alphabets says:

Invalid request.

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amrovi2014 says:

Same here

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

I laugh every time you guys claim yours is the greatest Android Podcast in the world. Lol

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