The Greatest Android Podcast in the World makes yet another triumphant return this week, and we've got a lot to catch up on. We'll recap our favorite stuff from Mobile World Congress — the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit, Sony Xperia Z2, Nokia X and more — look ahead to HTC's event on March 25, and of course we'll answer a bunch of your questions in the live Q&A.

So join us in a few hours — hit up this link to watch live — and we'll see you there!


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Coming up at 4 p.m. EST — it's the Android Central Podcast


Check your link to the podcast, this time please. The "hit up this link" results in "invalid request" on my current EVO LTE smartphone.

Finally got in a little late on You Tube. Don't know how I managed to do that. Perhaps due to desperate search on Google.

I laugh every time you guys claim yours is the greatest Android Podcast in the world. Lol

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