OK, folks. Our Galaxy S5 review is out the door, and it's time to end the week with a little fun. Google's released a compelling new camera application. Chrome Remote Desktop means more working from home. And, of course, we'll answer your questions, live, on the air, in living color.

So join us this afternoon at 4 p.m. EDT — that's 9 p.m. in London — for the Greatest Android Podcast in the World! You can find us at this Hangout on Air.


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Phil many of us like to hear your thoughts and opinion when making a purchase decision on a phone. The HTC M8 has been out for a while and the GS5 has been out for a week.. can we finally hear what u would buy if you had to pick one to pay on or contact for 2yrs and why? S5 or M8 Phil? Tell us in today's podcast would ya?
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Phil I have the UK M8, what's the best app for moving and keeping most of my data on my 64gb sd card, I'm struggling with internal storage already.

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I would just like to say, that was one of the best podcasts ever.

And T-Mobile is the carrier where Alcatel phones can be purchased with a payment plan. All other Alcatel devices are sold pretty much off contact with no payments.

In Mr. Bills voice, "I said it for you Jerry".

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