We don't know much about Columbus, Ohio but we know that they've recently been receiving the speed of T-Mobile 3G (via Tmonews). We certainly expected that a city of Columbus, Ohio's magnitude (it is the biggest city in Ohio, right?) to receive T-Mobile 3G much earlier, but we guess we were wrong.

What's the biggest city left that doesn't have T-Mobile 3G? Let us know in the comments!

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Gary S. says:

Still waiting for 3G in Oklahoma City.......

Anonymous says:

Pittsburgh Pa, still does not have 3g

T-Mobile 3G-less big cities.

Indianapolis, IN
Cleveland, OH
St. Louis, MO
Richmond, VA
Raleigh/Durham, NC
Jacksonville, FL
New Orleans, LA
Little Rock, AR
Albuquerque, NM
Cincinnati, OH
Louisville, KY

Garrett says:

Hartford, CT and New Haven, CT are 3Gless

Up2Parr says:

Cities without TMO 3G, in order of populations:

Jacksonville, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Charlotte, NC
El Paso, TX
Milwaukee, WI
Nashville, TN
Louisville, KY
Oklahoma City, OK
Tucson, AZ
Albuquerque, NM
Fresno, CA
Cleveland, OH
Virginia Beach, VA
Omaha, NE
Tulsa, OK
Raleigh, NC
Honolulu, HI
Wichita, KS
St. Louis, MO
Cincinnati, OH
Bakersfield, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Toledo, OH
Riverside, CA

Anonymous says:

Tacoma, WA -- no 3G

Anonymous says:

Jacksonville, FL is the largest city in the US by land mass. Still no 3G.

phrint says:

In Columbus, OH. Wife has 3G on her G1. It is blazing fast.

Ralph says:

I agree with phrint I work like 2 minutes Down the road and I get it outside my work building but not at my crib. Its really hit or miss in Columbus but hopefully they will get it together because it is way faster than edge.

Ralph says:

I agree with coh1lx is what I meant to say but phrint is right too it is blazing fast

coh1lxg says:

Last week, I noticed I had 3G on my phone while outside my work building.. but as soon as I walked back in, it went to edge.. so after work.. walked out to my car got 3g ... in my apt complex its back to edge. I am in Columbus ohio and it seems to be in certain areas only. but occasionally i get 3g in my apt. I don't think its absolutely everywhere here.. Works at Easton (except in my work building) does not work near polaris (where i live)..

tobias says:

Albany, NY - waiting patiently

And further north in Glens Falls, NY where I live we don't even have T-Mo EDGE - but I'm still a dedicated T-Mo user!

So is the wife!

Jaime Orozco says:


No 3G Waiting Patiently!

Bobby915 says:

Hey fellow el paso man! Good to see another elpaso-ion who wantsv3g!!

dats says:

Still no 3G in el paso tx ... but waiting patiently

I have been recieving 3G in Toledo since Wednesday. its great downtown but i can rarely get it when im home, which isnt that far.

Anonymous says:

No 3G in Virginia Beach, VA which is 400,000+ people in off season and 800,000+ people during spring/summer. I know of atleast 15 people that have dropped T-mobile due to this and I'm about to do the same.

Anonymous says:

A little TMo birdie told me soft roll out for Norfolk/VA Beach in September.

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

What's going on in El Paso Tx. I had 3G for about 30 minutes and it then went away
What's up with that? Does it mean it coming?

dats ep/nyc says:

Tmobile 3G in El Paso Tx is FINALLY here and with blazing fast speeds! 812 kbits download and 141 kbits upload

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Columbus is an amazing town. I should know, been in ohio all my life. Anywhere inside of 270 you have full 3g, outside it switches between edge and 3g. It's absolutely fantastic!

Patrick says:

Verified and confirmed. Pittsburgh PA has 3G as of the middle of the night. I know cuz I have it. lol.

ok this is what i don't understand, we're asked in these forums to post about our 3g issues as if someone will be able to do something about it. it's kind of a tease. here in ohio, toledo, columbus, and dayton which is like an hour and a half away all now have 3g, but then t-mobile decides to make it available in PA. uh.....idk, im just tired of it!!!

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Unknown614 says:

Yea... The 614 gotta love it