CM File manager

The CyanogenMod team has announced that as of the latest round of nightly builds, CyanogenMod 10 will include a new file manager app. The CM File Manager, developed by Jorge Ruesga, conforms to Android's "holo" design language, and is root-friendly, meaning it'll let you fiddle around with system files if you so desire.

The code was forked into CyanogenMod 10 last night, so if you pick up a CM10 nightly from today onwards, it'll include the new file manager app.

CM folks, be sure to let us know what you think of the app down in the comments!

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CM File Manager added to latest CyanogenMod 10 nightlies


I think it's a lot nicer than the other options available--it's smooth, simple, and functions really well!

Thumbs up for the CM team!

No word of a lie the CyanogenMod Team and the Roms they output are Androids Jewel in the Crown.

Amazing work!

It's better & I say that having never used this file manager because I am not on CM10, but just based on the fact that it allows access to the system folders through root access alone makes it better than Astro. I've used the current version of Astro & the UI of this CM10 file manager looks better too.

If you want a file manager from the Play Store that is better than Astro, I suggest ES File Explorer. It allows access to system folders through root access & you can get to folders on your home network through LAN or FTP. It looks better than Astro & is the incredible price of FREE.

I think that one of the core Android design principles is to specifically *avoid* having a file manager (not that I agree with that philosophy).

in all honestly i think its just added clutter, since i use ES file explorer (mainly for its capability of accessing my network file) i dont see a point in having a mandatory file explorer preinstalled in the rom. however if they integrate the ability to access network files i can see myself replacing ES file explorer

Don't want it? Then delete it. It's as simple as digging into the ROM with 7zip or Winrar, navigating to the app, and deleting it. You don't even have to unzip the ROM.
Alternatively, flash the ROM with everything as-is and delete the app later. You have root access. Use it.

thats not really the issue, i do this with apollo however it gets annoying as i like to install nightlies on a regular basis. I wasnt complaining i was just making a point.

You can edit the scripts in /system/addon.d to remove apollo, file manager etc on every install automatically. You can also tell it to keep certain /system/app apps you added, such as maybe a replacement launcher or something. The gapp backup script is also in this folder, which makes it so you dont have to reinstall gapps each time

I installed M2 snapshot a few weeks ago and love it. Nothing wrong with this ROM.

Question: Besides the file manager what's diff with this stable version that the M2 snapshot doesn't have???

There is an script peppering my html pages with links calling itself CM addon (when I inspect the element) and does not sound like this app is involved, but searching google gets only this app. Any ideas where I might look for the culprit?