Verizon Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery

Here's a great look at the Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery that should be available at launch this week, courtesy of forums member reflekt2099. It's not a huge boost in available juice at 2100 mAh -- about 13 percent -- but with an LTE radio tucked inside, we'll take whatever we can get.

And unsurprisingly, the battery cover appears to be just a tad thicker than the one we've got on our GSM Galaxy Nexus. (If it wasn't, they obviously wouldn't have included a new battery cover.) Accessory compatibility's a big question here, but we've got a feeling this exetended battery and cover will just squeeze in.

Two days to go.

Source: Verizon Galaxy Nexuxs forums

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Extended BatteryVerizon Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery


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A close-up look at the Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery


I'll probably end up buying it as well, even though my instincts are telling me not too. Knowing how I've been doing lately I never swap my batteries out. Hummm can't wait to take it all in!

What I don't understand about most smart phones is, If the manufacture knows battery time is going to be minimal to make the phone slim, why not just make the entire phone a tad bigger and give the consumer a battery that wont die in 8hrs. I think overall people would be much happier knowing they can go a full day and night without having to charge, if it means a slightly thicker device. I don't need something the thickness of paper, but I do need a phone that will last if I make more than a few calls and browse the web for 5mins.

And it's not like the device was that thick to begin with. I mean I'm coming from a Thunderbolt that is 14mm thick. So to me anything under 11mm would seem thin. I wouldn't doubt if the phone is still at 10mm or under even with the extended battery and that's perfectly fine for me.

When the average customer walks into a store to buy a phone they ususally do not know anything about the phone that they will leave with. This means they can only ASK the sales worker what the battery life is like on a devcie. However the customer can and will touch/feel/compare/play with not only this phone but every other phone in the store. Therefore overall size matters, battery size does not. Remeber the toughest part of the sell is getting the customer to walk out of the store with the device.

Not sure if I would call it a steal, I get the same deal btw. 25% off is going to be ~$10 off so it does make it cheaper than the once upon a time $60 Incredible 1750 mah batteries.

My Incredible has a 2150 battery and is perfect for my uses. So I can imagine this should be too. I plan on turning 4G off most of the time anyways. Unless I have big files I am downloading or streaming.

They might, but the NFC chip is in the battery, so you won't have that feature with any 3rd party battery.

I'm confused about the reports on these batteries and NFC. Is it the chip and the antenna or just the antenna? I saw ifixit took it apart. Also what does the token do in all this and how will side loading Google Wallet play into swapping batteries mid day? Thanks for the help help.

"...but with an LTE radio tucked inside, we'll take whatever we can get."

Of course you will, because you're all sheep.


I assume by your post, you are an engineer and are building a better extended battery for this specific device. Thank you for your efforts in making this device better and not just being a sheep.

I mean because your short but harsh comment with no substance or explanation would make you seem almost like a dick in any other light.

Um. Wouldn't it be better if they just build a phone with a bigger battery inside? Or maybe Google optimizing their OS to do a better job of power management. A extended battery should not be a requirement for a mobile phone. Hell it shouldn't even be an option.

purchase this battery for ???
in 60 days Seidio will have a larger
capacity one for same price.
So actually, you only pay around 140.00
for it! :)

Yes, and the Seidio battery will not only make your Galaxy Nexus look hideous, but also render its NFC capabilities useless.

a 13% increase is hardly an extended battery. My Thunderbolt extended battery is 100% larger than the stock