Motorola Cliq2

Motorola is looking for 200 software testers to test the latest version of Android they've developed for the Cliq 2. Unfortunately, this is not a Gingerbread update.

If you're interested in getting the release early, all you need to do is hit the source link and fill out a survey to become a candidate to test the early software release.

If anyone's fortunate enough to get the software early, as always, let us know what's different and how it's running for you.

Source: Motorola Support Forums


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Cliq 2 rolling out limited update, testers needed


Of course not, why else do you think they need to send out a notice asking for 200 beta testers? :-)

It came out exactly 4 months ago. It was released on January 19th

Motorola does test updates like this with all of their Android devices. I don't see what the deal is about that. How does that equate to the device not selling well? The first update for it exactly 4 months after its release tells me they are probably selling pretty well.

Look at the Motorola forums to see that there hasn't been much complaints about it at all. Most of the complaints are coming from the T-Mobile forums by people who are still butt-hurt over the upgrade drama with the original Cliq and are trolling the Cliq 2 section because they can't get over it. Some of the complainers there have admitted they never even touched a Cliq 2.

Why not buy it ?
Its a good looking phone with a decent specs that can match (& might even out perform) last year's (& this year too) High-End phones

Looks like Motorola is very busy this year !
With Updates for :

FlipOut - MotoBlur update

DEFY - twice this year , MotoBlur update & FroYo

Bravo - FroYo

OG Droid - fixes

Droid Pro - fixes (twice)

Droid X , Droid 2 - Gingerbread (but still needs verizon's approval)

Atrix - over 4 updates

MileStone - FroYo (Finally)

MileStone 2 - Fixes