With its pivoting arm and ball-and-socket joint, the Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount is a great way to keep your Android phone in place, and easily visible in any vehicle. The sticky pad holds any phone securely while keeping it easy to remove, and most importantly leaves no residue on your expensive Android smartphone. 


Built of rugged plastic, the Clingo Mount stays cool in the summer sun but is sturdy enough to stay locked in position. The set up allows for multiple mounting options, to place your phone in just the right position. The suction design makes things easy to mount and remove, or re-position for multiple drivers. 

The Clingo Universal Mount is an excellent way to keep your phone safe, and allows for distraction-free driving. Enjoy this video from Raul, and stay tuned for more from ShopAndroid.


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Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount [Accessory Review]


I'm surprised at how sticky it appears to be. I was just thinking it wasn't much different than those sticky mats you've been able to buy for years that you put on your dash, but this appears to be much more sticky than those. My question though is how well does this work on a textured surface, such as that on the back of the black Epic 4G Touch?

Being semi-familiar with this "sticky" material, I have but one question: will it adhere to my HTC EVO 4G while it is in my Otterbox Defender series case? The case is porous and does NOT have a flat surface. Will this prevent it from completely adhering to the phone? Video proof would be great, too.
Thanks for any follow up,

I need to know about this as well. I have a new GNex on a Otter Defender case and don't plan on taking the phone out of case to mount so I can hit a bump and have the device go crashing to the floor.

I use a GNex naked and I feel that would rip my battery cover off every time I tried to remove it. Please take off your case and try it and let us know.

I can confirm that this does happen with the GNex. I have used a sticky car mount like this (not the exact one, but same principle) with my Droid X and I just upgraded to a GNex recently. Every time I try to take it off the mount I rip off the battery cover.

Apparently you just run water on it and let it air dry
I tried that, thinking it was dirty right out of the box... still didn't stick to my GNEX for more than a few minutes.

Perhaps it has to do with the weight of my HTC Thunderbolt, but I'm not a fan. I bought one of these last summer and highly recommend staying away from it. I picked it up on my way out of town one day on a weekend trip from Chicago to Madison. I returned it before I even got to Madison.

Not only did it not hold my phone, it ripped the enamel off the back of the kickstand.

Like I said, it could be the weight, or it could be how much my Accord vibrates on the highway, but it was no good for me.

What Him Say!?? (Just a joke on his accent! LOL!) Good review!! Thanks!!

I haven't used the clinggo (or however they spell it!) But I'm kinda hillbilly so I use Velcro! LOL! I have it on my Epic touch case, My Tablet case, and a little on all of our vehicles. And it doesn't cost $20!!

I bought this a while back to use with my G-Nex. As the other commenter stated, if I put my phone on naked, it ripped the battery cover off every time. I also tried it with the VZW Incipio hybrid case; it would hold for about 5 minutes of driving and then fall to the floor of my car. A TPU case would hold for more than a few seconds. I can't speak for other phone brands/models, but there really is no way that I could find to mount a Galaxy Nexus to this.

Not sure if the person who reviewed this actually DID review it or just write about it (I mean, you stick the phone on it 2 seconds in the review... take it in the car man!!)

I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and here's my quick review for both the car mount and the home mount:

- Don't.

Explanation: It says it sticks... yes... yes it does. But it doesn't STAY stuck at all.
For the home version: I would leave it during the night and wake up with my phone smacked down on my night-table face-first. Lovely. 3 nights in a row (2nd and 3rd night I put a cloth to catch its fall.... but kinda hoping Night #1 was a glitch)
For the car version: Dear God no. It does not stick more than a few minutes. My phone fell 4 times before I just returned the damned thing. I expect they made this car mount for people who drive on a closed-circuit with perfectly paved roads. One bump and it's over.

Result: returned both. For home, I said nvm and I just leave my phone on the night table.
For the car: EXOMOUNT. Holy......... best mount ever. And it's universal (it just clips the sides of your phone) - IT'S BRILLIANT.

It was a good idea, but the green gluey part just doesn't stick at all.

BTW I tried with and without a cover. With a cover, it slides off very quickly. Without a cover, it slides off eventually, and if I want to remove the phone manually, the battery door comes right off....

Keep away.

I love the ones that hold your phone at the sides far better. But it's the only one I've ever used so maybe I'm biased. The jiggly effect (rocking or vibration from the vehicle) is a wee bothersome but ah well...

that's it LadyDi - the EXOMOUNT for the car... it's a clip so it holds your phone from the sides. It's absolutely 100% brilliant. 18$ on ebay.

BTW the suction cup on that thing is sick. I'm not even sure I'll be able to remove it when I change cars hah (it holds on any surface and it just won't let go!)

i was on a trip saw one at a station. Purchased the vent mount model. Works great with my EPIC 4G. Mounted on he vent also keeps it cool while charging and run GPS and navigation at the same time.

Was always leery of the vent model but the cooling factor is awesome.

Wiped with a wet cloth and was sticky again.

Thumbs up from me. Mine is a Bracketron brand. Great concept.