Citi for Kindle Fire

Citibank just announced a Kindle Fire edition of its mobile banking app, which it says has "every component, graphic, touch action, button and slider customized for the device." Along with that, Citi says, come:

  • Plan cash outflows with the help of a unique interactive chart of past and future payments and transfers
  • Analyze personal spending habits through automatically generated, customizable charts of payee spending
  • Compare personal spending habits with general consumer data, filtering by location, age group, income bracket and purchase category
  • Get direct access to educational content from Women & Co., a service of Citibank, as well as real-time customer service.

Snag it for free (well, you'll need some money in a Citi account, we suppose) at the link below.

Download: Citi for Kindle Fire; more: Press release

There are 5 comments

nodforce says:

Possibly a stupid question, but will this only work on the kindle fire? Not on all other android devices?

Danrarbc says:

I'd imagine it'd work on any GB tablet with that resolution, at the very least. So it's probably a go on the Nook Tablet.

Mustang46L says:

I know that I can't download it for my ASUS Transformer. Stupid if you ask me.

jeffreytz says:

Yeah, and I just noticed I can't even download the regular Citi Mobile app to my ASUS Transformer ("not compatible"). It's not an ICS thing because it works fine on my Galaxy Nexus.

rebornr says:

Somehow BofA and American Express can push out a version that works with all android tablets but Citibank can't ? Not really understanding the logic behind this.