Citi for Kindle Fire

Citibank just announced a Kindle Fire edition of its mobile banking app, which it says has "every component, graphic, touch action, button and slider customized for the device." Along with that, Citi says, come:

  • Plan cash outflows with the help of a unique interactive chart of past and future payments and transfers
  • Analyze personal spending habits through automatically generated, customizable charts of payee spending
  • Compare personal spending habits with general consumer data, filtering by location, age group, income bracket and purchase category
  • Get direct access to educational content from Women & Co., a service of Citibank, as well as real-time customer service.

Snag it for free (well, you'll need some money in a Citi account, we suppose) at the link below.

Download: Citi for Kindle Fire; more: Press release


Reader comments

Citibank unveils banking app for Kindle Fire


Possibly a stupid question, but will this only work on the kindle fire? Not on all other android devices?

I'd imagine it'd work on any GB tablet with that resolution, at the very least. So it's probably a go on the Nook Tablet.

Yeah, and I just noticed I can't even download the regular Citi Mobile app to my ASUS Transformer ("not compatible"). It's not an ICS thing because it works fine on my Galaxy Nexus.

Somehow BofA and American Express can push out a version that works with all android tablets but Citibank can't ? Not really understanding the logic behind this.