Circuitry Live Wallpaper

The full Holo color palette and new settings make the Circuitry Live Wallpaper update feel like an all-new app

One of my favorite live wallpaper applications has received a big update, and it's a veritable HOLOVERLOAD. The Circuitry Live Wallpaper app as an all new design and look, with tons of new settings, and still delivers that same cool electro-geek look of ICs and circuit traces to your phones screen. 

It's one of those live wallpapers that can deliver a lot of motion and animation to your home screen without killing your battery or grinding your phone to a halt, and everyone loves those. The difference is, now during the set-up you've got a slew of options and the full HOLO color palette to choose from. I still prefer grey on black, but the new background colors, patterns and shades combined with the 16 HOLO-color component and circuit choices make it look and feel like an all new application. 

There's a new product video after the break so you can see exactly what some of these colors look like, and you can grab the app ($1.99, Android 4.0 and higher) or the update at the Google Play link above. 


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Circuitry Live Wallpaper updated - HOLO everywhere


I question the integrity of AndrodCentral when paid apps like these are promoted on the front page.

A very great point. This is truly an excellent app, especially for the technophiles that read and follow this site. I see no reason why he shouldn't mention this. What I will add is that if you want to do more than just select from the presets that come with it, there is an additional in-app purchase to allow for full control and customization over everything (colors, textures, all sorts of things). I believe it was 4 or 5 dollars more for this unlock FYI.

Seriously. I don't have the $2 for an app, Jerry. It's like you're rubbing the fact that I'm poor in my face AND bragging that you're getting paid by a dev to promote their app. AC = worst site ever. I hate that the internet can hurt my feelings :(

If you don't have $2, get off the internet and go mow somebody's lawn. I spent $6 on breakfast this morning and I'm glad Android Central shows us the cool stuff regardless of price.

Personally, I'm not crazy about this live wallpaper for my device, but it's definitely a cool bit of programming.

I would've probably received a 50 point infraction for less than that. Oh wait, I have! Zing! /tips my hat at my forum handle and waves :p

And yet instead of just moving on, you take the time to log in and write a comment? Grow up jerk. Sorry for the outburst ac.

I bought this a while back for around $1.50 (if I remember correctly). The dev originally updated this with a few new color options and wanted almost $5 to unlock more options. After a backlash of bad reviews and complaints, the dev quickly unlocked most of the options (with the exception of multicolored circuits, which can be unlocked for $2). Its amazing what can happen within a couple days time.

Looks like a decent LWP but I'm not shelling out $3 for it. I have enough LWPs that I never use anymore - some of them very good and cheaper than this one.

It's 1.99 when you actually make the purchase, I was hesitant too, but got it anyways and was surprised when it dropped

It was still $2.49 after I completed my purchase. They need to get their shit together. Gonna cancel the purchase.

It's not the 59 cents. It's the shoddy way of doing business. Pick a price and stick to it or lower the price but for everyone. They're all over the map.

This is awesome! I've never been a fan of live wallpapers before this one! It looks great on my new Droid Maxx! My Galaxy Nexus couldn't handle (any) the battery drain, but as far as I can tell the Maxx doesn't care. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Droid Maxx

Hmmm... Live wallpapers. Useless ram-killer apps... srsly. Didn`t bought a Nexus7 to watch home all the time... XP

I always get the sort end of the stick! No matter what I do the price remains $2.99. $2.99 is way above my limit for wallpaper, I've bought apps up to $19.99 - a few of them actually.

I ALWAYS support developers plus I stay loyal to those I buy from, like Koush for instance. Whatever he posts I'll most likely buy just because of the apps he gives us for free when he could be making money.

Plus I always try to support the devs and I think everyone should! Once a month I pick out a random developer and donate through PayPal. They are what make Android COOLER than it already is. They give us the added freedom to customize our devices in ways Google is less willing to do. Like Cast by Koush! Without devs like him, ChainFire, and JRummy to name a few.

The wallpaper is awesome... But it makes my s3 sluggish :(. That not happens when I use other live wallpapers, even the 3d ones...

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Same experience here. When I put on this lwp, everything starts to lag a little bit (and not only desktop scrolling...). After changing to other lwp, everything is smooth again. Note 2 w/ nova launcher.

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Showing up at $2.49 in the Play Store for me... Weird... $2.50 isn't too much for an app but I'm staying away from it on principle now. It seems that maybe the dev waited for the review, saw a quick opportunity and raised the price.

I'm pretty sure most apps that are reviewed or recommended on AC get a pretty nice spike in sales. The dev must have come up with the shady idea to raise the price and take advantage of AC readers.

I had $2.49 as well and opted to cancel the purchase just because I don't like conducting business that way. I don't know of the culprit is the dev or Google Play but it's not the way I roll.

Showing up at $2.49 for me as well. Sorry but that's a little rich for my tastes just for a screensaver or any app that isn't a game or one that adds any functionality to my S3...

Based on how the dev more or less made a paid app a free sample and still blocks out options with in app purchase I say yes he did. I will strongly encourage negative reviews. He got an insane about of back lash over 5 bucks for blocking out basic options that you would see in free version
Now he still had choices block and his reaction to negative reviews to me tells me that the negative reviews will continue.

This lwp slows down my nexus 7 while other lwp works great. On my nexus 4 it does work alright.

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Am I the only EE geek who's bothered by the abundance of "antenna" traces and a lack of device interconnects plus few thru hole vias? Unfortunately it has an amateur comical look to my eyes like a cheap VW chassis kit car posing as an exotic Italian sports car.

Bought it, tried it on my GNex. Was too laggy. Refunded. Will give it another go once I get the next Nexus phone.