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Android 4.3 upgrade 'in the early fall,' says carrier

A few days back we caught wind that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 might be jumping straight from Android 4.1 to (the still unannounced) version 4.3 in some countries. And today it seems at least one other phone might be doing the same. Android Central forum member NKYRacing got in touch with Cincinnati Bell to ask about the just-released 4.2.2 update for his phone, only to be told by the carrier that its HTC One would instead get an update straight to Android 4.3 —

"We were just informed by HTC they would skip 4.2.2 and go straight to 4.3 in the early Fall."

It's unclear whether any other HTC One variants might also leapfrog 4.2, although we should note that the current 4.2.2 update is already rolling out in Europe and Asia. Hopefully we'll learn more once Android 4.3 is officially announced — and it's looking like that's going to happen sooner rather than later.

Source: Android Central forums


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Cincinnati Bell HTC One could skip Android 4.2, go straight to 4.3


Is HTC even working on Android 4.3? Is this the reason for the delay to give HTC time to jump past 4.2.2? I hope this works since lately Android versions that end in .0 are buggy. 4.1.0 and 4.2.0.

Just got this response from Sprint:

"Thank you for the post. That is a great question. I know a lot of people are waiting. Unfortunately, at this time, HTC hasn't given us a date for the 4.2.2 release yet. Once we know a date, we will announce it either on or on our communities page.

- *Kitty"