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Save up to 35 percent on a refurbished Dell Chromebook 11

Save up to 35 percent on a refurbished Dell Chromebook 11

If you're in the market for a Chromebook on the cheap, Dell's factory outlet store is currently running a deal that could net you 35 percent off its refurbished units of its Chromebook 11 laptop. The deals start out at $199 and run up to $269 depending on the unit. For the hardware specs on...
Chrome browser

Chrome support ends for some older Windows and Mac platforms in April 2016

If you are still using a Windows XP or Windows Vista PC, or one with OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 for the Mac, it's time to think about trading up. Google plans to stop supporting and offering updates for its popular Chrome browser for all those older operating systems in less than a year....
Dell Chromebook 13

The best Chromebooks, as of November 2015

They all run the same software, but there are big differences between these Chromebook models We've done our best to keep up with Chromebook coverage here at Android Central for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that we use these machines every single day. We spend time with...
Dell Chromebook 13

Dell Chromebook 13 review

Finally, a solid mid-range Chromebook here to save us from a seemingly endless line of cheap choices. The quick take For anyone who wants to use a Chromebook on a regular basis, and values getting extra performance and hardware quality at an added price, Dell has made the Chromebook for you...
Google confirms its commitment to Chrome OS

Google confirms commitment to Chrome OS, says it's 'here to stay'

Despite what recent rumors may suggest, Google is still fully committed to Chrome OS, saying it's here to stay. The recent reports claimed that Google would be folding Chrome OS into Android as early as 2017, and it now appears as though that may not be the case. While Google admits to working on...
Chromebook and Android tablet

Examining the possibility of an Android-only strategy across phones, tablets, laptops and desktops

Consolidating resources and letting the more successful OS take over may make the most sense. If you've followed the story of Google's concurrent management of both Android and Chrome OS, you've likely wondered how (or even if) their paths may converge at some point in the future. A report out...
Chrome OS rumored to be folded into Android as early as 2017

Chrome OS rumored to be folded into Android as early as 2017

Google is apparently planning to fold Chrome OS and Android into one operating system. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has been working on such a project for a couple of years now, with plans to pull the trigger sometime in 2017: Alphabet Inc.'s Google plans to fold its Chrome...
HP Chromebook 14

HP refreshes its Chromebooks with new hardware and Sky Blue color option

HP is offering customers a refreshed lineup of Chromebook notebooks. That includes the HP Chromebook 14, which includes some more advanced hardware inside and a new Sky Blue color option in addition to the older Turbo Silver. The new version comes either in a 14-inch variant with a 1366x768...

'Ok Google' detection removed from Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux

With the latest stable release of Chrome, version 46, Google has removed the always-listening feature that let users simply say "Ok Google" to start a voice search in the browser. Citing generally low user adoption, Google removed the feature from Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux — it's sticking...

Chrome OS update lets you search your Google Drive files right from the launcher and more

The latest update to Chrome OS brings along with it a number of welcomed changes. The update, which carries the version number of 46.0.2490.71, is rolling out now for all Chrome OS devices. Included in the update are a number of bug fixes, security updates, and some new features. Some of the...
Chrome will remove notification center in upcoming release

Chrome's notification center to be removed in upcoming release

Chrome will be removing its dedicated notification center in an upcoming release as Google looks to streamline notifications for everyone. This doesn't mean that Chrome is changing the way push notifications are handled, just that there will no longer be a dedicated hub to find all the previous...
Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba unveils a refreshed Chromebook 2 with new Intel processing and backlit keyboard

Toshiba today announced the newly refreshed Chromebook 2 with 5th generation Intel i3 processor support. The new laptop not only comes with a new backlit keyboard for those late night blogging sessions, but also Skullcandy-tuned speakers, a 1080p IPS display and more, making it quite the...