Google Chrome

Chrome for Android (stable, not beta) has just received a small follow-up update to the large version 25 release from last week, with mostly behind the scenes performance enhancements. There are unexplained "stability improvements" as well as a fix for text that wasn't being clearly rendered. The big fixes came in the last version, which added some more forward-facing improvements, but each of these background improvements lead to an overall faster browsing experience as well.

You can grab a fresh download of Chrome for Android or an update to the latest version from the Play Store link at the top of the post.


Reader comments

Chrome update improves stability, fixes text rendering issue


background audio was in last month's update.

the biggest change in this update was a fix for the sometimes blurry text rendering.

The changelog hasn't been updated, fyi. This is still the same changelog from the version 25 update a few weeks ago.