Motorola Motosmart Mix XT550

Motorola today announced the Motosmart Mix XT550, a China-bound for for "people who really care about music." The 4-inch Android 2.3 smartphone comes loaded with Dolby Mobile software, SRS WOW HD enhancements and is an exclusivity on the Sina Micro Music app. The Motosmart Mix XT550 also sports a 3MP rear camrea and a front-facing VGA camera, all powered by a 1750 mAh battery. 

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China gets the music-friendly Motorola Motosmart Mix XT550


And with that Motorola sank into little screen oblivion never to be seen again.

Motorola made it to 4.3" with the 2010 Droid X but could go no further.

Motorola has not actually made a phone since they closed the last plant in Hampshire, Illinois a decade ago. Google just wanted the patents.

I'm surprised Motorola didn't resurrect the old ROKR brand name for this phone. A few added/improved features and this could be a nice line of devices for Moto.

Its for China! Will probably never see the light of day anywhere else! Im so sick of people whining about phones with gingerbread.

C'mon people, it's a cheap phone for 13 year old girls. It's the Chinese version of the Charm. Most girls don't really want a giant 4.7" smartphone, it's just too big and it's not feminine enough for them. And what parent want's to pay top dollar for a kid's phone?

This would be a great device for my teenage daughter. This is not for the high end power user. Not every new device has to be a One X or SGSIII.