Motorola Motosmart Mix XT550

Motorola today announced the Motosmart Mix XT550, a China-bound for for "people who really care about music." The 4-inch Android 2.3 smartphone comes loaded with Dolby Mobile software, SRS WOW HD enhancements and is an exclusivity on the Sina Micro Music app. The Motosmart Mix XT550 also sports a 3MP rear camrea and a front-facing VGA camera, all powered by a 1750 mAh battery. 

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gmonkey88 says:

2.3?..... really? Come on Moto.

And with that Motorola sank into little screen oblivion never to be seen again.

Motorola made it to 4.3" with the 2010 Droid X but could go no further.

Motorola has not actually made a phone since they closed the last plant in Hampshire, Illinois a decade ago. Google just wanted the patents.

blueletter says:

then why'd they buy the whole company? there's no law against selling and buying patents.

blueletter says:

call me crazy but I don't think this is aimed at people who care...

I'm surprised Motorola didn't resurrect the old ROKR brand name for this phone. A few added/improved features and this could be a nice line of devices for Moto.

if you just look at it quick it looks like a beats device with the circle red logo and white with red acents

lightyear420 says:

My thoughts, exactly!! They are totally trying to rip off HTC beats!!!

blueletter says:

Moto's had a Red Logo since before beats was a thing

chris06ob says:

Its for China! Will probably never see the light of day anywhere else! Im so sick of people whining about phones with gingerbread.

Raadius says:

Looks cool. Resembles the One X tho.

Hectorg86 says:

pretty nice. Definitely trendy

3rdpig says:

C'mon people, it's a cheap phone for 13 year old girls. It's the Chinese version of the Charm. Most girls don't really want a giant 4.7" smartphone, it's just too big and it's not feminine enough for them. And what parent want's to pay top dollar for a kid's phone?

ejraney says:

This would be a great device for my teenage daughter. This is not for the high end power user. Not every new device has to be a One X or SGSIII.

patfactorx says:

Looks really good for the asian market.