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With the Nexus 4 in the hands of Googlers and press alike, and a leaked version of the app doing the rounds on other phones, Google+ is starting to play host to a wealth of high-quality Photo Sphere images. Taken using the Android 4.2 camera app, Photo Shere pics stitch multiple images together in up to 360 degrees, allowing you to create a Google Street View-like globe of shots.

We've collected some of the best Photo Sphere from Google+, and we've got 'em linked for your enjoyment after the break. There's 24 in total, from a variety of countries around the world.

If you've got any Photo Sphere images of your own that you're particularly proud of, be sure to drop us a link down in the comments!


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Check out 24 of the best Photo Sphere shots so far


I assumed that Google would make the photosphere images scrollable on Google+ (like street view images). I think they're missing an opportunity for "wow factor" by displaying them as a single panorama instead of a scrollable "3d" image.

The 3D photosphere mode works in Chrome but not in Internet Explorer. Have not tried Fire Fox so not sure about that.

On Chrome it launches straight into photosphere view and there is a button to switch to panoramic view.

So I tried to take a photosphere today and let's just say that I was not at all successful. Just like panorama, I am scared that this is a great, but weak addition unless its the user's fault.

I'm running the 4.2 camera on my Gnex. It never properly stitches the photos together at the "start" of the photosphere. The rest looks good (maybe a tiny glitch here or there) Mind you, I haven't practiced a lot. Any tips for me? Much appreciated!

I usually make the first pass horizontal and add layers top and bottom. Maybe I need to make vertical passes instead of horizontal?

Everyone else's look very nice! I can't wait to post my first successful one :)

I was messing with it a lot today and had mixed results. Some stitched together perfectly and others were laughably bad. I tried using different techniques, and doing an initial horizontal pass seemed to work best.

Do you hold the phone in portrait or landscape? I always do landscape just because I'm used to taking pictures that way. But it definitely works in portrait...maybe that would work better? I need to try it.

I've only tried it in landscape. Never occured to me to even try portrait. I usually don't have much day light by the time I get home from work, so I'll have to wait for the weekend to play with it some more.

I guess I'll just have to keep practicing! However I just need to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the first image or 2 that it grabs, because that is where the stitching issues arise.

I had this problem too. It seems the starting dot was significantly above the horizon, but after taking the first shot, everything seemed to recalibrate so that all subsequent shots were aligned to each other but not to the first.

Most of the time I don't have this problem (guess it recalibrates at some point) but sometimes it comes back.

You could try recalibrating - maybe using something like a Compass app?

I think this needs a few things, which Google may not be willing to pony up the money to do.

First off: Needs to ability to see the source pictures. I understand this takes more bandwidth and storage space, but the level of detail in these pictures is pretty low... it'd be awesome if you could zoom in on the photosphere, and automatically load the closest source picture and allow you to zoom further.

Secondly: Allow editing the stitch points/desktop processing. I use an app called hugin for desktop panorama processing... having the same power, but the ability to export to a 3d sphere would be pretty awesome.

Nice pics! Very cool feature. Sigh, 4.2 on their S3?

Makes me want to root my not-here-yet AT&T Note 2! Wait...maybe when I get the Note 4, THEN I'll root the 'old' Note 2 AND then I will surely have a newer OS level than the Note 4! ;)

So I think I did it. Well I only did a photosphere of my office but I can't seem to upload it right. When I upload my picture, it does not do the 360 view. It only has a wide view of my picture. How do I upload it the way it is on my phone?

Just come across this story (linked from one of your recent stories), cheers for including mine (Maff Mace, Yorkshire Post Newspapers), there's loads more on my Google+ page too