Although the video was posted back when the Motorola XOOM was first announced, we somehow skipped over it. Nevertheless, it's a pretty awesome video so we figured it'd still be worth posting for anyone else who also may have missed it. Now all we need is for them to push it out the door so we can all have one. Until such a time, you can check out our hands-on. Thanks, Wing!

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dguidry12 says:

Very nice video that shows the production. However, where ever the made this tablet my have cost them waaayyyy too much. 800 bucks aint gonna cut it MOTO..I hate to say this but I'd rather wait on the Playbook or a less expensive Ipad2. Oh yeah..that chic can definitely get it!!

techh10 says:

god the british chicks voice makes me want to stab something...i normally dont care about british accents but this pitch was making me angry

she's cute

techh10 says:

im not saying she is ugly...but that her voice is annoying

Jjpp23 says:

+1 annoying bitch!

pza says:

She is a Kiwi, not a Brit or Aussie!

Except she ain't British. I'd say Aussie or New Zealander.

Smokexz says:

Well... I don't think she had an English accent, I thought it was and Aussie accent... anyways, she made it seem so sophisticated with the way she had that accent and the wording...

I will say one thing though, she is pretty hot... thinking with the mind though, this video is a joke, considering every Honeycomb tablet coming to the market is practically the same damn thing, only LG can say a damn thing since they have that 3d gimmick.

blankit says:

i wish google would come out with something as amazing as the nexus one when it did and the videos they made for it were just amazing....i want a real awsome super smart phone from google and not these crappy moto blur or htc sense or that touchwiz crap from samsung!

moosc says:

awesome price point, awesome chick, and truly amazing product, dont like the price pack your bags and buy the ijunk. oh wait you cant since both are price close to each other. sorry guss u better order a cheap Chinese knock of then.

Smokexz says:

They are acting as if this thing is so original... as if it is the only Android tablet coming this year... please! ALL Android Honeycomb tablets have the same internals, the only original one would be the G Slate! Meh... it's Motorola... they can't even make software right, so they left that department up to Google.

jasonraustin says:

@1:12 : Is that an ashtray? What is this? 1955?

jasonraustin says:

or maybe its a bowl of candy.... back to 2011....maybe.

squash says:

I feel like you could insert any technology company's name in that video and it would have been the exact same thing. They didn't say squat about the tablet, they didn't really show anything about production, the only good thing about that video was Melissa Gardener. Looks like just another tablet to me, maybe a little better than the others on the market? Probably, but next week, we'll see an even better one from HTC or HP. They act like they're doing something AMAZING.

cashxx says:

Kinda reminded me of one of those Apple commercials they always have when they introduce something new.

Hmmm.....going to copy marketing as well I see.

PaperMate3rd says:

Man you people are really bitter about this xoom...Sometimes I feel like the real reason a lot of people are upset is because they wanted it to be cheaper than the ipad. One thing I can say about apple fanboys is they stick together and find the best in they're products even if they do suck are closed source and lack basic features. For the first honeycomb tab to hit the market this tab has GREAT specs Moto even said it won't have a locked bootloader and the DIDN'T put MOTOCRAPBLUR on it. They worst part about this TAB is thee involvement of Verizon and having to buy a month of 3G to unlock WIFI...WTF? anyway the processes are bad no doubt but the actual hardware/software is pretty damn good where's the Android Love guys we know the problems at least try to focus on some of the good things now.

onixblack says:

This is a rip off of the ipad creation video lol

cashxx says:

Thats what I said!!!

tarund says:

Yup. Engineering Magic? Are you fucking kidding me? I laughed so hard when Apple called iPad a magical device. Motorola, seriously, don't make a lame ass video like this again.

If you do, give a shot out to Apple for giving you a "magical" idea. Idiots.

cashxx says:

Here is a good review of the xoom:

Also I am seeing today that Verizon has said the off-contract model will no longer need a hidden $55 subscription from all the users complaining. So that is a plus.