Honeycomb Emulator screen

Wanna see a neat, but mostly useless trick?  Of course you do!  Grab your rooted Honeycomb tablet and change the screen density past 170 and reboot.  You'll be faced with what appears to be the stock Gingerbread launcher.  Change it back below 160 and reboot again to revert all changes.

While it's kind of cool to see things like this, we're not too surprised.  Back in January when the Honeycomb SDK preview was released, we found that fiddling with the screen settings and resolution did just about the same thing (pictured above).  But I digress -- it's cool in a geeky sort of way and we love cool and geeky.  So hit the break to see a video of it in action on a rooted Dell Streak 7 running a Honeycomb emulator port.

Source: Graffix0214's YouTube channel via Pocketables


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lexs says:

that's gonna come in handy for Icecream Sandwich!

btw: this dell streak looks smooth with 3.1

You know the reason we switch to smart phones in the first place is the "cool" factor. the rest of the features are just Icing :)

E_man says:

What's funny, I did this with the sdk the day the stable one came out. It's only now that the rest of the world is noticing appeanrantly. Lol.

nickmatteis says:

um, isnt that froyo UI....

nickmatteis says:

um, isnt that froyo UI....