Chad OchoCinco

Android devices have been showing up in more TV shows and films as of late; now one of the most colorful players in the NFL has posed with a Droid X in hand. Chad OchoCinco, the Cincinnati Bengals receiver who is all over the damn place on Twitter, tweeted a picture of himself getting fitted for custom earpieces -- and in his lap sits a Droid X. 

It's good to see Android invading the sports world now; maybe Chad will talk about how much he loved his Droid X on his show with Terrell Owens, fittingly named The T.Ocho Show. [Chad OchoCinco's Twitter] Thanks, Jonathan!

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mjneid says:

As a Cincinnati Native, and i "root" for the Bengals... I wonder if that phone has a "how to catch a ball" Application.

El Jefe says:

OchoCinco played like a man against Indy on Sunday, T.O. not so much. I don't know about a "how to catch a ball" app, but T.O. needs a "how to finish your route" app.

ak110707 says:

He asked on FB awhile ago what smartphone on VZ he should get. I suggested the Dinc... Guess he went with the X.

frozencloud says:

Phil should start one of those celebrity sighting website that uses an Android device....haha

I hope it helps him get me more fantasy league points!

Chad markets himself better than any other NFL player, for that I salute you Ochocinco.

Mike77 says:

Anything for attention, his play on the field sure doesn't get him any.


Maybe there is an app on how to tackle for Eric Write on the Browns.

nivlac978 says:

That screen doesn't looks too big now does it. I'm glad they are making products for the giants of the world.

rickydross says:

I was thinking the same thing but he's listed as 6'1", 192 lbs on the Bengals he's probably closer to 6'0", 185. Not that big of a guy.

ceasernem says:

That looks like Droid to me, it looks like the gold part of Droid on back

ceasernem says:

oops sorry guys bad eyes it is a droid x lol

Double L says:

Is that another 4.3 android phone on his wrist? Gizz....


Kevin C#AC says:

Heres another twit pic OchoCinco posted, its a devour, he posted this pic before the phone came out, he's got connects with motorola for sure.

rickydross says:

I believe he might have some endorsement deal with them. I remember he would be on commercials last year talking about he and Motorola bought the remaining tickets of games to prevent blackouts.

Jsut a hunch though.

biln says:

Not a big deal seeing a nfl player with an android device. when we start seeing the senior citizen community with android, that's when there will be something to talk about

albokay says:

I wonder if people asks what the name of the phone is he says "Its my Droidcho Phono"

Why not give his possessions ridiculous names as well.

CharlieL3 says:

It's time to 86 number 85...