GM takes connectivity to the next level with LTE in cars

Android Central @ CES

GM has teamed up with AT&T to offer LTE in select cars from the company. The LTE will power GM's app shop to personalize the experience for the customer and the app shop will be open to developers. We sat down with Steve Schwinke from GM at CESLive to discuss it all further.


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LTE Wireless Cars from GM at #CESlive!


I'm surprised that they're just doing this now. This is something that could have been done years ago. When you think about it, it's pretty much like putting a mobile hotspot in a car.

Ubiquitous LTE (4G) advanced, not sporadic 2-3G was required for this evolution.

Additionally, the advanced satellite guidance system in Snapdragon processors is designed to boost accuracy, reliability and speed so you can take advantage of more sophisticated location-based apps.

Ubiquitous LTE? Really?

Don't get out much do you?

Satellite guidance system in Snapdragon? You mean a GPS receiver with google maps?

Come on Jimbo, there's lots to eat besides GM's Dogfood.

The end of speeding is near. Soon, car insurance companies will want this in every car, and insist on access to OBD2 data through it, and they will make you foot the bill. Yet another tool to help the eventual onset of a totalitarian world order and enslavement by technology.

Fritz Lang was right; technology will eventual create a divide with one side as masters and the other as slaves. This type of crap should be outlawed, but unfortunately, the powers that be relish seeing these types of tech-chains invading our world. They know they can use all of it to keep their power and increase their wealth.

Were's my Tinfoil hat ?

Yup, and Slashdot just had a story on this where the GAO found that car manufacturers were hording information from these systems about where you go and how often.

Not a good day to be announcing expansion of these capabilities without even a mention about security and privacy.

See the story on /. Can't post a link due to the AndroidCentral Death Penalty.