Ashley roams the halls of CES 2012 looking for the weirdest, coolest, most fun tech on the show floor. For all of us in the Mobile Nations, the Powerbag is a must-have bag to tote around all your gadgets, since you can charge on the go.


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CES 2012: A quick look at Powerbag!


It doesn't look like it would be able to charge a tablet, though (maybe an iPad), since most Android tablets use proprietary plugs. Neat idea for charging phones, though.

They can. Most of them have a pocket made specifically for a tablet and there is a basic USB plug in there that you plug your tablets charging cord into. Don't actually have one but they have a lot more info on their website. Definately gonna get one

3,6, or 9k mah? With all that room its not impressive.

I have the new Trent 11,000mah pack and got it for $55.00

Seems like a much more logical choice.

EXACTLY, I have the same Trent 11K mah battery, awesome device, $55. Don't need anything else. I can wire my own bag if needed.

For half the price, acutally a third the price I have a xcell by energizer portable charger AND backpack which holds a lot more then this bag. Granted it doesn't come with cables, but what happens if the cables wear out? Are they replaceable?

Got mine from for $99 last week. Opted for the briefcase style over the backpack. Nice bag, you can charge 2 phones and one tablet at the same time.