Cellcom, the Wisconsin-based regional carrier, is introducing three new Android smartphones into its smartphone lineup, just in time for the holiday season. The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY and the LG Ignite (a.k.a. the Marquee) will both be available beginning on Black Friday, while the Motorola Milestone 2  is simply listed as "coming soon." All three devices will set you back $49.99 on a new two year contract. Not a bad deal for all you Cheeseheads out there if you ask us. You can visit Cellcom at the source link below. 

Source: Cellcom

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Mathparadice says:

Have you ever signed a wireless contract with cellcom? Have you ever signed a wireless contract with cellcom on weed man?

behdude says:

I Think the third android phone pictured above is Motorla Milestone X 2! like Droid X 2 but GSM version! :)

Xbryan says:

Cellcom is terrible.