It's been a couple of months since our very own Phil made an appearance on the All About Android show, and this time around the folks at TWiT were nice enough to have Andrew on as a guest. Jason, Ron, Gina and Andrew talk about the ever-leaked LG G3, HTC One M8 Prime and One Plus One, along with all of the week's news, software and of course the well-known Android Arena.

You can watch the entire show in the player above, or head to the TWiT website to download and watch or listen at another time.

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Catch the replay of All About Android with our own Andrew Martonik!


I just finished listening to it. Now go ahead and send me that OnePlus One.

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o yeah, I love Twit podcasts.

dope seeing someone from AC on their podcast even though Phil's been on some too.

Wow, how do the usual hosts mouths not hurt from smiling while talking from the first to last minute of each show? Go try that in front of a mirror at home folks. .. Not easy! They're pros. ..

I'm a fan of the show, though, and Andrew's contributions were great and appreciated. Good job!

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