Android CentralIf you weren't around on Wednesday and missed the live version of Phil on the Engadget Podcast, fear not you can catch it now. Phil sat down with Engadget's Myriam Joire, Brad Molen and Joseph Volpe to talk about the mobile world, and all of the madness that we have been seeing. As you work through that turkey-coma, take a few to give this a listen!

Listen to the Engadget Mobile Podcast


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In-case you missed it -- Catch Phil on the Engadget Mobile Podcast


Phil, I troll your site and engadget a lot. You definitely need to be more assertive and not let myriam dominate the podcast.

Lol have you never listened to the mobile podcast before or something?

And Phil is a guest, you can expect him to be a tad reserved.

I stopped listening after a while, sorry Phil i couldn't gut it out. I stopped listening to the Engadget podcast after Zeigler left because it was just too much of Tankgirl ranting and complaining about everything and the same things every time.

That podcast was brutal. I am so grateful Android Central does not conduct their pod casts the same was as Engadget. I dont think I can listen to another podcast from Myriam or from that site again.