Mobi Products Clip Pouch for Droid X

The Mobi Products Clip Pouch is a no-frills way to protect your Droid X. The pouch is made out of a soft nylon that's stitched together and fits the biggest of Android smartphones. There's a Velcro latch on the front that keeps the phone securely inside.

The rear of the phone sports a belt loop and plastic clip, so you can attach it to a backpack, purse or bag. Inside the case is a small pocket that's just big enough for a full-size SD card or a bit of loose change.

If you face the phone toward the rear of the pouch, you'll have access to the 3.5mm headphone jack (so you can listen to music while it's in the case), the power button and the volume buttons.

All in all, it's a very basic pouch that does its job well without adding much bulk to the phone. The Mobi Products Clip Pouch for the Droid X is available for $9.95 from the Android Central Store. Check out more pics after the break.

Mobi Products Clip Pouch for Droid XMobi Products Clip Pouch for Droid X

Mobi Products Clip Pouch for Droid XMobi Products Clip Pouch for Droid X

Mobi Products Clip Pouch for Droid X


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Case Review: Mobi Products Clip Pouch for the Motorola Droid X


That's one ugly pouch. I just got a sena leather pouch for htc hd2, and it fits my droid x perfectly except for the upper part where about a third of an inch isn't covered where the hump is. That's just perfect for me, this way i can see my led indicator for notifications.

The pouch is ugly , but the phone is awesome !! and very well made , I love it !!! Far more than the Evo HTC crap

I know you guys want to promote the store, but this is ONE HORRIBLE looking thing... at least "review"(ADVERTISE) things that look good.

Wow a review on a case brought out haters. You all need to relax and quit hating and getting emotional.

AC needs to separate all these Reviews "Ads" from actual content.... how are you trying to make me interested in something that YOU ARE SELLING?..... That makes anything sold in the store that is reviewd unreliable

Oh come on, one ad related post now and then is not that big of a deal.
(Should say Sponsored I spoze).

Its not as bad as TiPb case ads *cough* reviews where they get the good looking babe to roll around on the floor with some guy seeing if they can break their iphones in the cases.

Seriously, you would think Phil is roaming the country, holding a gun to peoples heads, forcing them to click on the article.