Krussel Gaia mobile pocket pouch

The Krusell Gaia mobile pocket pouch is a great looking pocket pouch that fits many mid-sized phones.  The sleek, executive style not only looks and feels good in the hand or pocket, it provides full protection from scratches to every part of your expensive Android phone.  With no clips or hardware on the case, it slips easily in and out of a pocket, briefcase, or purse without snagging or being obtrusive.  At only $17.95 in the Android Central Store, the price is right as well.  Join in after the break to learn a little more, and see some pictures. 

Krusell Gaia pouch

Made entirely of man-made materials, you can use the Rusell Gaia pouch without guilt -- no animals were harmed in the making.  That doesn't mean the pouch feels cheap, quite the opposite.  Both inside and out it really feels like leather -- supple pebbled on the outside and a very soft ostrich patterned interior.  I thought the pouch was leather until I looked closely at the item description in our store -- it is that realistic.  The embossed Krusell logo ad contrast stitching only add to the look.

Rather than form fit a specific model, the Krusell Gaia pouch is made to fit a wide array of devices.  Besides the Motorola i1, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and Google Nexus One pictured, the Gaia pouch also is a great way to carry your Droid or Droid 2, Galaxy S phone, Droid Incredible, Desire, Cliq, Backflip, Behold II or Moment.  Excellent if you use more than one phone, or for when you upgrade.

Motorola i1 in a Krusell Gaia pouch 1 Motorola i1 in the Krusell Gaia pouch 2

Motorola i1 in a Krusell Gaia pouch 3

Xperia X10 in a Krusell Gaia pouch 1 Xperia X10 in a Krusell Gaia pouch 2

Xperia X10 in a Krusell Gaia pouch 3

Nexus One in Krusell Gaia pouch 1 Nexus One in Krusell Gaia pouch 2

Nexus One in Krusell Gaia pouch 3

The Krusell Gaia mobile pocket pouch is available in red, brown, or black; and as mentioned fits a multitude of phones.  If you're looking for a comfortable pouch with a bit subtle fashion, head over to the Android Central Store.


Reader comments

Case review: Krusell Gaia mobile pouch


Will this fit the myTouch 3G Slide?

T-Mobile has done a horrible job in regard to cases for that phone... as has everyone else for that matter. Anyway, I am looking for a nice pocket pouch.

I like pouches (Carried a BB 8330 in the provided pouch in my shirt pocket for a long time). Are there any good pouches made for the X?

The Nexus One should be put inside the pouch with the top of the phone going in first. This way you keep pressure off the round ball. Remember people the top of device should always go in first. Love my Nexus One, still have not seen a phone to replace it with.