Motorola XOOM

Heads up, Canadian XOOM owners: Motorola Mobility of Canada has announced via its official Twitter account that the Android 3.1 update for your device is now available.

@Motorola_CA: Motorola XOOM owners: Your Android 3.1 update is here! Have questions? Call customer support at 1-800-461-4575. 

We'll go ahead and assume that like most other updates of this proportion, Motorola will be rolling it out gradually rather than all at once. Nevertheless, you can begin feverishly checking for updates, as it is certainly on its way. Shout out below when you finally receive it, and be sure to let us know if you encounter any problems during the process.

Source: @Motorola_CA


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Canadian XOOMs to begin receiving Android 3.1 update today


That would be awesome news, if not for the fact that savvy Canadian Xoom owners already flashed to US firmware a month ago and are sporting 3.2. :)

Is it just me or am I too obsessed with the HP Touchpad Android port to even care about this right now.

I have yet to come across a major problem with it. The sd card and resizable widgets work and i have found it to be more snappy.