Samsung Galaxy S4 KitKat update

Another country sees wide availability of the latest software for Samsung's most popular devices

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 from a variety of regions have been receiving the jump to Android 4.4, and now it seems the Canadian carriers have flipped the switch for their devices. Users across Bell, Telus and Rogers have been reporting that their Note 3s and Galaxy S4s are receiving the large OTA downloads — about 440MB each — to bump up to KitKat, bringing some subtle interface changes and all of the goodies Google has baked into the latest build of Android.

If you're using either of these devices on a Canadian carrier, be on the lookout for the update to arrive in the coming days. If you've already received it, be sure to hop into the forums and let other members know how you're getting along with the latest software build.

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Canadian carriers now pushing KitKat to Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4


Helloooo Verizon, this is your wake up call! Everyone else is upgrading, don't you want to join the party for your Note 3 users?

+1.....but for the gs4. Seriously verizon what's the hold up?

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Actually the note 3 update for Rogers came out yesterday and the S4 for Rogers cam out last week. FIO

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Works great though. I personally haven't had a problem with the memory stick issue.

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All I can say is that I truly regret with all my heart to update my device to 4.4

When I thought I was unhappy with 4.3 ... I wish I could downgrade to jelly bean again now.. :(

I don't think it's necessary that I explain because people will still update it anyways. But just watch what will happen with 4.4

The struggle is real

Canada - Videotron - SG4

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If you hate it that much , check xda and you can

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

My Note 3 on Rogers got much smoother after the update. Also battery life has improved!

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All those who hate it check XDA on how to downgrade but I don't know ANYONE who hasn't got much better performance and battery life out of 4.4 over 4.3 so I'm guessing it's a configuration or app causing your greifs. Kit Kat is amazing on my NOTE 3 especially with a custom rom.

I am very disappointed with kit kat. Why wouldn't Samsung add all the features of kit kat. .. and it also appear that Touch wiz is still pretty dam heavy... not cool.

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What exact features are you looking for that Samsung didn't put in? Or are you just a complainer?

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Explains why Samsung had a booth setup in the PATH downtown Toronto today in the heart of the financial district.

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