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We first saw shared data plans come to market with Verizon and AT&T -- albeit with mixed results. C Spire (formerly Cellular South) is hoping to get in on the buzzwords today by offering its own shared data setup. The plans are structured very similarly to the competitors:

  • 10 feature phones, smartphones, tablets, modems and other connected devices per account
  • unlimited talk, text and a shared data allowance that starts at 1GB for $50 (up to 20GB for $150)
  • $20/month per USB modem, tablet and other connected device
  • $30/month per feature phone
  • $40/month per smartphone

The plans will go live for both new and existing customers on Dec. 3, and there is no fee associated with switching to the new plan structure.

Source: C Spire Wireless (BusinessWire)


Reader comments

C Spire Wireless jumps on the shared data bandwagon


So $90 per month for your typical smartphone without enough data to get even halfway through the month?

Add another phone, tack on another $40, but still stuck sharing that same 1 gig of data?

Yeah, that's not going to work guys.

They have their own network built out covering Mississippi, and some small parts of surrounding states, but pretty sure their roaming agreements are with Sprint/Verizon in other areas.

I'm pretty sure they're just a Verizon MVNO of sorts. With the pricing scheme being word for word off of Verizon's, I couldn't help but think anything less.

This is an epic fail by CSpire. They used to be a competitive choice in their market area, but continue to go downhill with things like this.

I compared Verizon's shared data plan to my current contract, which has another year to go. It will cost me $40/month more than I'm paying now for 1 phone and 4Gb of data - $110 vs. $70. I don't use up my 450 minutes or send more than a couple of texts, so making those unlimited is of no added value to me. That's enough of a price difference to make me look elsewhere for a better deal.

I signed up with VZW 12/2010 and pay for 450 Minutes (which I seldom use 50% of), unlimted text and double data (2GB for $30 actual 4GB per month).

When my contract ends next December I should be able to keep my exiting plan. If not, I hope Sprint gets better and instead of paying $110 for this 1 line, I can get back on the Family plan for $40.

The Regional Carriers were a great alternative to the 4 major carriers. But with ATT and VZW prices similar/identical, MetroPCS merging with T Mobile, and now C Spire jumping on the shared data bandwagon, choices are limited!!