Mobile Nations We interrupt tonight's regularly scheduled Greatest Android Podcast in the world for an emergency broadcast of the Mobile Nations. Figure between the Google purchasing Motorola Mobility and HP all but putting webOS out to pasture, we might as well do the doomast while the fire's hot.

If you've yet to join us for a Mobile Nations podcast, that's the one where we bring the top minds of your favorite websites together for a no-holds barred conversation. Or, we grab yours truly, CrackBerry Kevin, Derek from PreCentral, Rene from TiPb and Dan from WPCentral and hash things out for an hours or so.

It's all going to kick off at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific. Join us here, or at

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jdm4u says:

This is going to be a really interesting podcast. Can't wait to attend.

FreudSlipped says:

I haven't stopped in to PreCentral in a Long time. I just did and found them playing Chopin

nickus1982 says:

Where the heck do we find this? I came a lil late and now I wanna hear it and it is no where to be found..

newboyx says:

They will do some minor editing then post it when it is available. Usually later tonight or early in the morning.

DeathsArrow says:

Dan, Derek, Georgia, Kevin, Phil & Rene.....

One does not belong.....

Do you know who?