Bolt Browser for Android

The venerable Bolt browser has reached its second beta. And just as before, they want your help in testing. A few noticeable changes this time around are adaptive video streaming, UI fixes for a smoother experience, and a social tab that currently points to Facebook.

Want to get in on the beta? We've got you covered.

  1. Just head to the Bolt beta signup.
  2. Enter your name, e-mail address and use the code andcentral. (Note it's not androidcentral. Just andcentral.)
  3. Check your e-mail, which will contain the apk link.

There you go. Happy beta testing!

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Reader comments

Bolt browser enters second beta round -- we've got your download codes!


thanks phil, :)

Edit - after toying with this, i have to say scrolling is smooth but it does lack a lot :|. i smell great potential though.

This has smooth scrolling, but other than that, there's nothing that this browser has that other browsers don't do better, and it still lacks features (bookmark importing/exporting, being able to surf the web privately, without having to manually clear data).

It loads webpages slow, and doesn't format them correctly. For example, this browser makes this website's title text for articles the almost the same size as the text within body paragraphs! Not to mention everything's in a weird font. And plus, despite having Adfree installed on my device, ads aren't blocked. Dunno if that's the developers fault or not, all I know is that Adfree works with other browsers.

BUUUUUUUT, I realize this is just a private beta, so it'll probably be better when it's finally released to the public. :)

Um, I dont know if anyone noticed. but this browser sure needs a lot of access to my phone. SMS sending, personal data, Contact info,... um no thank you. i would rather have a limited browser

Is anyone having trouble getting it to even get past loading? I have the OG Droid and it just sits at loading forever.

It still needs a lot of work, very rough around the edges functionally and graphically. It reminds me too much of using my old Blackberry Curve. All be it, it was still the best browser to use on the BB, at least then. I'm look forward in seeing where this goes.

Really the only thing i like about Bolt is the Ui in the favorites Tab. No fullscreen option is fully missed coming from Dolphin Browser Mini. Also the new tab system and tab navigation process was just clunky and a bit time consuming when compared to a top edge tab bar. With Bolt, one has to press the menu button, press the "new tab" button, press menu again, press "Tab" (same location, different wording), and then proceed to choose the tab to work with it. I alos miss the functionality of a screen cut tool, and miss the exit button that clears all history and cache for better optimization.

I really like the idea of having a social tab in my browser. On my pc browser that is. Now a days with an app on android for almost any social media site, this has become unnecessary.

So I guess my opinion boils down to this, Upon first glance I loved it; until I used it. The UI and color scheme are very appealing and the overall appearance of the favorites Tab reminded me much of chrome so I liked it. In the end, Ill end up uninstalling this, due to N1 space restrictions and a lack of desire to use it over my other browser.