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Your phone's on you all the time. Might as well put it to good use -- other than playing with Angry Birds. Enter Bodymedia. It's a small arm band that connects to your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. And if you have a Sprint ID device -- and that means anyone with an Epic 4G or Galaxy Tab as of this week -- you can keep an eye on your vital signs with a number of attractive widgets. Peep the video above for a look at Bodymedia in action.


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Bodymedia brings a sleek way to monitor your vitals along with Sprint ID


Wow, I was really excited about how well this seems to integrate with your phone...right up until I heard the price of the armband. Really? ...really??

Edit: I should note I'm not excited about sprint ID integration, just that the app seems well made.

The one that's bluetooth enabled appears to be $249, and the site also says there's a monthly fee. I can't tell if you need to pay that in order to use the app at all, or if it's for some additional service. Either way, that's still way more money than I want to spend.

I am interested in this and the price is a little high but i am sure its worth it with all it does, however if you have to spend money every month, im out. and why do i have to use Sprint ID? i have a feeling that is going to kill my battery and ihave no intention of being forced to download a screen saver just cause i want an app.

but back to the main point. the way this ingrates is impressive and i like the way its all displayed on the phone. but monthly fee? only if i gegt the arm band for free.,

Wow! This is awesome.
For those who are not in the know.... the app would actually save new buyers of the BodyMedia system about $80 because they would not need to purchase the "display device." The monthly fee is just a subscription fee that you'd pay even if you had the old version of the system. Yes, the armband is expensive, but it's worth the price for the level of science you're getting. I love mine! And this new announcement may entice me to upgrade my current unit.