Blazin' Aces Android

If you're a fan of two-dimensional airplane shoot-em'-up games — and really, who isn't? — then it's time to take a look at Blazin' Aces. This one's billed as a "retro-aerial dogfighting game," which it is. Fire up your prop plane and take care of invading forces.

The gameplay can take a little getting used to, but once you do you'll be skipping the warning shots and getting into some serious furballs instead.

Blazin' Aces is 99 cents on Google Play.

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yodatom10 says:

putting that google play survey money to good use


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duncanbellsa says:

Hi there! Thank you for the feature! We're super proud to be able to have our game on Android! If you guys have any feedback please feel free to contact us. Enjoy the game :)

Sorry for asking in Android Central, but I wanted to try this game on my windows phone but it looks like it doesn't have a trial version? Could you please tell me if you're working on a trial version or not?

duncanbellsa says:

Hi Gautam. Unfortunately I do not have it running as a trial version on Windows phone. Hopefully in the future I can add one.

vpblaze says:

Sweet! I loved this game on my BlackBerry. Gonna head on over and grab it now!

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pheatton says:

This looks very similar to Mini Sqaudron that I have been playing for a long time now.

I played the hell out of Mini Squadron. This one definitely has a different feel to it.

th3gh05t says:

Re-hash of Mini Squadron