We have seen our fair share of funny looking ads, like iOS on a Droid X or the HTC Aria being boasted as a 4G device, but this one is rather unique. It appears as though one marketing team has decided to up the anty a little to attract some attention to the BlackBerry Torch and have decided to picture it with the Droid X / Droid 2 Moto Blur interface. The image looks very similar to the DroidX theme we saw a few months back when it released, but either way it sure makes for a good laugh. [via FrAndroid]

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mscalero says:

RIM wishes their OS 6.0 would look and run like what is pictured.

evoss05 says:


derrick87 says:

I guess its kinda cool, except u got that slow 800 processor lol

800? more like 624Mhz

tdcrooks says:

I clicked the link thinking someone made a hack already. I was going to immediately send it to a friend of mine who has the Torch.

sniffs says:

Are company's really that stupid? Sheesh.. hire me, I'll make sure that Windows Mobile doesn't appear on DX ads, and Android doesn't appear on Torch ads..

TBolt says:

deceptive advertising sucks.

jokerls240 says:

LOL! "I'm a BlackBerry, and Android was NOT my idea." ;-)