We have seen our fair share of funny looking ads, like iOS on a Droid X or the HTC Aria being boasted as a 4G device, but this one is rather unique. It appears as though one marketing team has decided to up the anty a little to attract some attention to the BlackBerry Torch and have decided to picture it with the Droid X / Droid 2 Moto Blur interface. The image looks very similar to the DroidX theme we saw a few months back when it released, but either way it sure makes for a good laugh. [via FrAndroid]


Reader comments

Is that a BlackBerry Torch running Android?


I clicked the link thinking someone made a hack already. I was going to immediately send it to a friend of mine who has the Torch.

Are company's really that stupid? Sheesh.. hire me, I'll make sure that Windows Mobile doesn't appear on DX ads, and Android doesn't appear on Torch ads..