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Today at BlackBerry Live 2013, the quintessential BlackBerry Messenger was announced as coming to Android this summer! It's going to be totally free, which is a welcome surprise. 

CEO Thorsten Heins announced his company's goal to make BBM the standard in cross-platform messaging and that they'll be bringing their long-standing device-exclusive service to iOS and Android. In the long run, they intend to include advanced features like groups, screen sharing, and the recently-announced Channels to the other platforms. Keep an eye out for this one in Google Play over the next couple of months, and expect it to displace a lot of the current messaging platforms out there. 

Any of you guys know folks that still use BBM? Any ex-BlackBerry-owners that miss BBM?


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BlackBerry Messenger announced for Android!


Google Talk isn't really available for anything... the web site/app don't count. It's not on windows (that application is years old and sucks), and not on iOS, or BB10...

My biggest problem with Google Talk is that anybody who dosent have an Android phone dosen't have it.

I use it to communicate with my sister, who has iOS and a Mac, all the time. She just uses one of the zillions of third party clients that can link up with it. GTalk is based on an open platform, so there are a lot of ways to use it on just about every platform.

Here, for instance are 5 iOS apps for Google Talk ->

Here's the fix for GTalk on BB10 ->

On Windows, there's a whole bunch of apps that can talk to it, including just using it from Chrome.

Saying it's not available for anything is just plainly untrue. It's available for a lot of platforms, you just need to look.

It would just be so much easier if Google Voice were updated. Right now it is in desperate need of a makeover, and I'm thinking we'll see that tomorrow. With Google Voice you have a SMS, along with the ability to retrieve your voicemail. So if they add the ability to give it more BBM-like features? So much the better.

There were rumors that they were going to buy whatsapp. Hopefully whatever they punch out will have similar functionality without me having to beg all my contacts to buy into a new messenging app to chat with them.

As far as Blackberry releasing BBM? I really don't see why they are doing this? It's like taking away the utility belt from Batman. Now you're left with Adam West. Though I'd argue Blackberry was Adam West before we took the utility belt away.

I should have been more clear, i was looking for a nice first party client. I really dislike pretty much all the third party clients, either they become overspammed with ads or they just lack the functionality/design of a first party app.

Not saying I don't like Google Talk, I have an Android phone (and have had plenty before) and would love to use it for my primary communication, just hard to convince everyone else to download a third party app and create an account just to talk to me, that really was my point.

I, too, would love to see a first-party client from Google with more BBM-style features, but I'd probably only use it if it could somehow integrate my stock SMS messages into the app similar to how iMessage works. I agree that it's hard to convince others to use a third-party app just for communicating with me. Plus, I'm lazy and I don't want to have to use multiple apps to communicate with different people. I like to keep everything under one roof, so to speak.

Google Talk uses xmpp aka jabber.

This is a standard in the best sense of the word.

There are many xmpp clients for Windows, Linux and Mac.

If you think the only way to use g talk is using web browser then you've been living in a cave.

Google talk doesn't show delivered or read on the handset. No file attachement etc. Just lacking many features that other chat apps have...such as Voxer, Viber, Whatsapp, to name a few. BBM was great at showing the other persons reactions to the message.

umm, what??? Literally 10's of billions of messages get sent with whatsapp everyday, yes, billions, id say that's a decent amount of users.

I've tried them all. The biggest flaw with all of them is the user base.....including Gtalk. iOS people use imessenger. BBM WAS the standard, and even imessage users miss it. It is the closest thing what BBM users used to have. The read/delivered notifications are truly missed. Unfortunately imessage lets the user turn those on or off on their device.

The second biggest flaw with those options is the reliability. They were hardly reliable at all. They worked one day, they had 30 minute or longer delays. Now that everyone has unlimited there really a need for BBM? That was the awesome thing back in the day about BBM is that you didn't have to pay for the texts. I spent $10 a month on 2 phones to have 250 texts each because most of our messages went through BBM. Once we switched to android, we had to up to the $30 unlimited texting plan. Is there any reason to go back to BBM? With Verizon, I still get the checkmark when the message is read if the recipient of my message is a VZW user as well. This is really about 2 years too late.

"The second biggest flaw with those options is the reliability. They were hardly reliable at all. They worked one day, they had 30 minute or longer delays."
Back in the day when I had a BlackBerry, even BBM would have its hiccups once in a while. Keeping the fingers crossed on the cross-platform reliability being as good or better than it was before...

" Now that everyone has unlimited there really a need for BBM?"
You're only seeing the US domestic picture and missing the global picture. I have an Android (personal phone) and an iPhone (work). I have unlimited text messaging on both domestically. Since I have many international contacts, and travel internationally, using things like iMessage, VZW Integrated messaging and whatsapp lets me text as much as I want without paying international text messaging fees.

And further to that, unlimited texting is not standard outside the US. Plenty of plans here in Australia still have limits, and you go through Indonesia or South Africa, BBM is *everywhere*. Blackberry is the norm for a number of countries worldwide. Having a cross platform BBM will help with communication in a number of countries outside of the Lower 48 ;)

Messaging apps are for sending short quick messages. Most common users don't know that these apps can do a hell of a lot more. Most people don't understand the device in their hand is a computer with a phone app and not a phone.

Not sure they have in the UK, whenever I look at it it says it's not available yet. Mind that could be my network being £€&$@'s.

No they haven't. The majority of Android phones still don't even run Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

BBM is still the dominant instant messaging platform for smartphones/mobile worldwide.

We're on an Android fansite and so for us, thinks like Google Talk, Hangouts, Babel make more sense. But to the average teen and consumer, they probably used or knew someone who used BBM at one point.

You now have the most secure and featured instant messaging app be available worldwide for iOS and Android users. No signing up for Google+, no signing up for Apple etc. Most people would trust BlackBerry with safety and security of information than Apple or Google.

Are iOS users going to download Google services or use them? Probably not. Would they download BBM for free from the App Store? Of course. Same goes for Android users.

The majority consumer doesn't care about stock android, they don't know what jelly bean is, or what key lime pie are, beyond the fact they're the newest OS version.

Look how many millions of folks use WhatsApp, KiK and other messaging apps. Now imagine BBM being available for all for free. In 2007-2009 when I used BlackBerry, I had nearly hundreds of friends and family worldwide using BlackBerry or BBM. Now no one I know still uses BlackBerry, but if a free app lets us all talk and chat, without requiring money, and knowing about how safe BlackBerry is, I'm sure every single one of them would download it to try it out.

Look how many use Facebook Messenger for the same thing.

I agree with you that bringing BBM is a good thing for iOS and Android. A lot of people globally use it. I do have to call you out on a few careless stats and observations though. According to %55.9 of Android phones use OS ICS or higher. This data is built using data collected from each device when the user visits the Google Play Store. Also, I think you might be hard pressed to find many teens in the US who even know what Blackberry is, let alone BBM. Prior to this year, RIM and or Blackberry has not been in the media eye since they released the Storm. I would argue BBM is more populary among business, government, and education types in their 30's-50's.

Actually, most people I know use Whatsapp or Kik on their Android phones and Yahoo Messenger and Skype everywhere else.

Very few of my peeps use Google Talk.

Blackberry is still huge in much of the third world and I've got numerous contacts there. It will be nice for me to finally be able to communicate with them via the messenger app that's built into their phones.

Isn't this the one thing they have over iOS and Android, if it's even a coveted feature anymore? This seems like one less reason to buy BB10 hardware.

If they manage to change a few users opinion on how well they make software, they might just be able to convince them that they make pretty solid hardware too.

I don't see that at all happening. Why leave your current iOS and Android device which has all your info and apps to spend hundreds of dollars and sign a new contract for a fledgling device and ecosystem just because of one free app you'd already be using?

I believe what RIM knows iOS and Android are unreachable for them at this moment. Their real fight is against WP as the third Mobile OS in the market. That´s why they leave WP out of the equation. I expect the iOS/Android version of BBM to be limited compared to the one on a BB device. That way they could make people get interested on going back to BB for a full BBM experience.

I like to think about it this way. If those users get used to using blackberry services and find that they like them they will be more likely to consider them as a viable option.

Is this a joke. it would have been relevant 1 to 2 years ago. It may have even kept BB from slipping into obsolescence. Now its just adding insult to injury. Bad joke BB. Android don't need you and with Hangouts coming your prize possession just became a afterthought - a residual shadow of what once was, kind of like the stain a turd leaves in the grass; soon to be washed away by the rain of time. Sorry folks just feeling a little spunky this morning.

Dude.. how bitter are you?

Google Talk is on BB and has always been but it is crap. Whatsapp is on BB but comes no where near BBM. Hate it or love it.. Android is getting it and loads more people are glad about that and could care less of your hateful trollish attitude.

Google Talk is on BB and has always been but it is crap.

Quite true. And this would matter if anyone used BB anymore, but they have 5% of the amrket share and falling. The few people I knowwho still use BB's, have it because it was issued by work and have their own smartphone for their personal stuff.

Honestly, this looks like a glaringly stupid move. BBM is one of the few things I hear BB users still praise, one of the few things keeping people on the platform. If BB users can get BBM on a phone that doesn't suck (i.e. not a BB), I can see a lot of folks leaving BB over this.

My experience has been that the new BBs phone doing everything but suck. They are very good devices and the new OS is excellent. That said, the issue is mind share and you can have a great OS (BB10/Windows Phone) and still struggle without it.

Re: BBM becoming cross-platform, I look at it as having less to do with BB and BB devices and more to do with me as an Android user getting access to an excellent (nay outstanding) messaging app. In this regard, this is great news. I might also add that since lots of folks are former BB users with fond memories of BBM, it will have a leg up on all the other cross-platform messaging apps out there because of mind share. Hell, I would consider it over WhatsApp for the security alone.

Most of you armchair CEO's are to blinded by your fanboyism and bias that you don't see the strategic move BB just made here. Before you know it... BBM would be used more that Imessage, Whatsapp and the others that nobody really cares about (cant even remember any names).

BB has also released enterprise stuff that would work with all 3 platforms. Before you know it BB would be a services firm that is so intertwinned with other platforms that if done right they'll become indispensible and begin to make money off IOS and Android.

It just baffles me how you mere consumers who paid money just make Android and IOS richer never seem to get that more choice is to your benefit. You guy's never moan that Google Talk should not be on BB so why do you moan that BBM should not be on Android?

Give it a rest with the fanboyism cos it makes most of you look and sound dumb.

"intertwinned" "mere consumers" "cos".

I don't think it's fanboyism that's making people sound dumb. But good try.

It's ridiculous to call people "mere consumers" when that is exactly what BlackBerry is in desperate need of. The difference between immense wealth/success (Android/iOS) and complete failure (BB) is "mere consumers." For trying to sound like you know more about being a CEO, you sure sound like a CEO that would alienate the consumer and turn them against your company.

Exactly my point. You and I are just consumers. I'm not saying we are not valuable to the companies... common sense tells us that and that exactly is why BB is making this move due to past mistakes of not doing what the consumers want.

However, what makes no sense is when the clueless customers begin pto get negative and sound butt hurt for something who that actually does benefit them. If they don't want it fine.. don't download. BB, Android and Apple would however have discussed this on a much higher and strategic level and most likely have come to the conclusion that the arrangement benefits all 3 which then leaves the question.. who exactly do these fanboys think they are to moan and demand that they do something different???

Actually, more of you BlackBerry users are butt hurt than Android users. The Crackberry forums are full of people whining that the BBM exclusivity is coming to a close.

I agree that there's no reason to complain that it's available. That's why I like Android. Because I like choices which is something not available on BB or iOS. However, I think the main point here is that BlackBerry could have made a much bigger splash if they did this back when BBM was relatively relevant. But doing it now is not going to do much for a company that is free falling in terms of popularity and reputation. It's like they're grabbing little weeds and grasses as they tumble down the hill, but they think it will save them and help them climb back on top.

Yah expect blackberry in the number one free download spot. In your face marketing and brand recognition to every IOS and Android user. When competing with these dominant products, 90%+ market share, gotta make big moves. I have whatsapp on my blackberry and will have no problem convincing my iPhone and Android friends to switch to BBM. And once that's done I could also convince all my Skype friends to switch to BBM for video chat.

I still doubt that BBM will take over the Google Apps that perennially are in first place on the download list. But even if it did, that's not going to make people switch to a BB device. They will only think....."Oh cool, now I can have the best devices on the market, but I still get the best that BB has to offer in this messaging app." This undercuts even more of the draw for a BB device. No one will take a lower class device just for the software if they can get that software on a better phone. Sure, people will toss the BlackBerry name around more often, but unless BlackBerry decides to stop making and selling devices and just focuses on developing cross-platform software, it wont do them enough good to make a sizeable difference.

"Give it a rest with the fanboyism cos it makes most of you look and sound dumb."

This sentence runs through my head, every single time I visit the Crackberry forums.

My friend, they won't leave BB. And I tell you why, and this is what happened to my friends. Some of them were changing to other platforms because of the inefficiency of the old BB platform and more people kept changing because there was no reliable way to communicate between each other. Now with BBM as a cross-platform messaging app, there's no point in changing, if you have the best instant messaging app used by the best platform that can handle it the better. So I do not think that people will change their BB's. And as innovation comes to the platform, people will change to BB.

You don't know many people in Africa eh?

Blackberry has more users than Android and iOS combined there and I have a lot of contacts in Africa (namely Kenya and South Africa) with smartphones.

I for one am glad that BBM to my Android phone!

This is pretty cool. I certainly loved BBM when I was using a BlackBerry. I wonder though if this might be too late to completely dominate the market with things like Whatsapp & Kik already very strong on all platforms.

Great point. I'm all for good cross-platform messenger apps but I only know a handful of people still on BB. And those people are also jumping ship when contracts are coming to an end. Poor Blackberry.

And yet you missed the point. This is not about BlackBerry, this is about BlackBerry Messenger, perhaps the best and most secure instant messaging app available, and now it's coming to Android and iOS for cross-platform chatting.

This means, all of your android friends, apple friends, blackberry friends, can all chat together for free. And unlike Kik, WhatsApp, this is perhaps the best and most secure app.

You can be secure in knowing your information is handled even more securely than Google.

My point is that we already have a ton of options and this is far too little too late. Asking friends to download yet another app for cross-platform messaging (that not a single one of them currently uses) is not going to happen. You really think the typical user cares that their "see you at noon" message to a friend is slightly more secure than via gtalk, Facebook or by SMS?

If RIM did this in 2010 it could have been big news.

I think the features of BBM will blow away KIK and Whatsapp...add GroupMe in there too. BBM groups with anyone on BB, iOS, or Android? Sign me up.

This will be interesting - if Google can launch a IM service which is equivalent to or superior to BBM then this announcement might well amount to nothing.

No it won't. BBM is still the most dominant Instant Messaging platform in the mobile space worldwide. It's just not as dominant as it used to be in North America and Europe, but the fact it's cross platform, means that iOS, BB and Android users can all chat together. You're fooling yourself if you think most people use Google features or would prefer Google Babel over BBM, especially with the forced Google+ integration.

Remember, more than 60% of all Android users still don't even run Ice Cream Sandwich or above. We're on an Android fansite. The mainstream consumer probably uses less than half of Google services.

I've got 40+ close friends using Android devices now. None of them use Google+, and half use gmail. The majority came from BlackBerry. They'll know BBM, as will the converts to iPhones who came from BlackBerry.

Should have done this a long time ago. Like maybe during the calendar year of 2012 when they couldn't release even a single device? Such a shame... I used to be a huge BB fan!

As an ex-BB user (very happily I might add) I know this isn't the same, but in the stock messaging app in settings you can check delivery and/or read reports if that's your fancy.

It seems as though a fair number of the above posters haven't really used, or don't appreciate, what BBM has to offer. As someone who moved to Android from BB last month I do, and this is massive.

BBM is utterly unparalled as an instant messaging client. The D and R rececipts alone give it peerless functionality. Added to this, Android and iOS users aren't just getting the messaging functionality but the voice and video functionality.

Imagine Whatsapp and Skype all rolled into one, improved, and made utterly reliable, and that's BBM, and we're getting it for nothing.


This is actually exciting for me. I loved BBM when I had a BB phone.

- Will BBM on Android be device specific? or will it just be username/password identified? I would want to get a message on all my Android devices when a message is sent, will BBM do this?

- BB's BIS network uptime hasn't been the most reliable, even though BBM itself may be. Is this app communicating through BB BIS servers or across the open internet? The former doesn't inspire much confidence regarding uptime.

- Google may announce it's own cross platform chat as soon as this week at I/O. So we will see if that happens how much traction BBM gets when it is eventually released on Android ..

I used to hate the delivery and read icons. Reminded me of the old secretaries at work that always want to request a read receipt in Outlook.

I hear you. I always thought that the people who fixated on the 'D' until it changed to 'R' were stalkers. It reminded me of the song "I beeped you, why you ain' call me back?!"

Ever since I moved from BB to Android I am on a search for a good cross platform messenger. I have tried just about everything and they all are lacking in one way or another compared to BBM. If the IOS and Android BBM is 90% as good as the one running on BB, this will be the best cross platform messenger out there. It won't matter if none of your friends are on BB any more ... as long as BB stay in business that is.

i think BBM's popularity is primarily due to the fact it's the only form of IM old people know about. as a stand alone chat service it's pretty good but it traps the dialog onto the device. i rather use google talk or even facebook messenger for that matter.

i'm happy it's coming to android. hopefully it means i have to pickup my crapberry (to communicate with colleagues) even less. yey!

I don't miss my BB 9900 at all since I started using my Slll with one lone exception, BBM! You knew when the text was read and the emoticons were far superior to any Android sms app. The interface was very intuitive. I'm looking forward to getting my BBM on again!

BBM was the best messenger out like 3 years ago... Still better then most apps now but they are little late to the party. "what's your pin" good old days LOL

I have a Z10 and and HTC one currently and love features about both... The Z10 is actually quite an impressive device it handles messages and social messaging 100 times better than either Android or iOS using the HUB in my opinion. BBM cross platform is a very good attempt by BBRY to become somewhat relevant again and Im all in favor of it! I suggest that anybody who hasnt actually owned the device not knock it because it is an excellent first attempt by BBRY. Unfortunately you cant just use it for a day or 2 you have to actually learn the new platform before you realize how much quicker it is to do everything and I think that could be its handicap! EIther great news for both Android and BBRY!

I really, really hope this catches on. We need one great unified messaging platform that is on every platform. I hope BBM can be that in a way no other app has managed.

Well there you go a cross platform iMessage type service. Now we can all message each other easily over data similar to Apples iMessage which copied the BBM format and improved upon it. Now it's time for the BBM to learn from iMessage so we can all have a great cross platform messaging service.

I say : Big news today, meh tomorrow when, at I/O, Google announces Hangouts (or Babel, name it like you want).

This is something not so much as a desperation move but as someone said more strategic. Look at it this way many companies have been looking at BYOD for the business since Apple and Google have pushed forward to the detriment to BBY. Now with BBM being cross platform it gives those corporations more incentive to upgrade their BB servers. Still allows them to the control they want and give their employees the choice they have asked for. All the while making BBY more money.

Many just scoff at this but it was probably the best move BBY could have made.

Why are people so excited about knowing if a message was delivered or read?

Wouldn't you know when the person replied that the message was delivered and read?

Why is SO important to know?

Further more : Android SMS can send delivery and read reports. Facebook messenger already do it. And if it's sooooo urgent that you need to know if it was read, just call the person!

If you travel internationally on business and use bbm to keep in touch with home then the D and R feature is very useful indeed - family know that your network/phone is working, and that you are safe and well, even if you don't have time to reply to the message.

i miss bbm i have friends who live outside the country and they havent made the android jump yet. and they all have blackberry. now i will be able to message them without them having to download 3rd party apps.

Looks like Nexus7 will have BBM before playbook...If a new Nexus7 (8?) is announced at I/O I think I may finally put this playbook to rest.

I really liked BBM when I had a blackberry. I could communicate with people without giving them an email address or a phone number!

I haven't missed much from my 10 blackberries other than BBM. This is awesome, unless Google releases its "Babel" unified messaging service.

What's yo PIN?


I've never been a BB user, but wasn't BBM pretty much the only thing Blackberry had going for it? (Since iOS/Android appeared on the scene, anyway.)

How is this not the final nail in their own coffin for hardware sales?

BBerry still has a leg up on Mobile Device Management. The whole "BYOD" conversation isn't happening at every company. Especially ones that want strict control of their mobile ecosystem. BES lays a heavy hand that few systems can come close to.

along side this BBM announcement today they talked alot about BES10, and how it can manage android and IOS devices. Clearly blackberry is looking way past hardware sales. They want to be the #1 software and services company out there. Including business, government and automobile. Hardware sales are a part of it but not the main thing. There is huge money to be made in there business model.

Meh. I'll just keep texting or Facebook messaging. At least I don't have to beg my friends, family, and clients to download yet another app.

*ring* *ring*


Hi! This is 2009 calling! Did you hear the awesome news? They're releasing BBM for Android and iOs phones!

I'm a bit 50/50 on whether to download this or not as I used to have a Blackberry Storm 2 before I jumped to Android (HTC Desire HD, now on SGNote ][) and I never used BBM then. I know there's a level of anonymity with your user nane etc but I didnt fancy the idea of random people messaging me. Probably why I have a small friend list on Facebook and Twitter.

You obviously have not used it before.

Random people cannot send you messages on BBM.. they have to request for you to add them as a contact first. Only then can they send you messages. You can also block them and all subsequent requests from them if you choose to do so.

This sounds pretty interesting coming from a sidekick to blackberry to android. my mom and a few of my family members still use blackberry or have a blackberry. I don't really like using 3rd party messaging apps. I tried Whatsapp cause my mom went over seas and she wanted to talk and tell me things as I was home alone and what not. It didn't work cause she had no signal but yeah this would be nice to talk to my old friends that still rock the berry with pride

BBM is the best communication platform. Love the idea of BBM across-board! Go for it!!! BlackBerry with one small step for man, and one giant step for mankind. :)

I didn't use BBM when it was popular, so there's not much for me to miss. When I had the BlackBerry Bold 9900, I had three BBM contacts, one that I didn't know personally. When I tried the Z10, I was down to one BBM contact.

That said, if I know someone else who has it, I might download it. I'm really not that excited about this as a consumer, though. It may have more meaning looking at this from the business/investment side of things.

BBM is literally the only thing I miss from my BlackBerry experience. The fact that I'll be able to use it on my android is the best news I've heard this week!

As a Z10 and HTC One owner - BBM on Android would be excellent. It is the original and interestingly, still the best.

Not going to lie, I almost went back to BB with the launch of the Z10... but my GS3 has kept me put recently.

When I switched over to Android from BlackBerry, BBM was the only feature I missed. KIK came close but didn't have the user base, and at the time wasn't allowed on BlackBerry. Now I use whatsapp for a cross-platform & international messenger.

I'll give it a try when it becomes available on Android...

It's sad, in Indonesia, the ONLY reason people buy Blackberry is for BBM. Honestly, people want to throw Blackberry away but keep not doing so because of BBM. I wonder how sales gonna affected here by this announcement, Since chinese Android with better spec much cheaper than outdated error prone Blackberry. Gonna tell my sister to sold her BB ;)

I miss BBM, yes it was "trendy" at its peak, however, it was fiercely reliable and I think users respected it, thus why the base using it had such excellent communication with one another.

I'm interested in it coming to the Android platform and will surely be trying it out.

Folks, look at it this way, if it ends up being a big hit with the Android/iOS base and it does cause a couple of users to convert back to the BlackBerry platform that's completion. Competition is NOT a bad thing for us. Competition sparks competitive pricing and the most important thing of all...innovation!

I'm looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

I'm very excited about this. After letting talk languish for so long, and the agonizingly slow rollout of features for G plus, I'm not convinced that google will come up with a compelling product in babel. I hope I'm mistaken. I know how nice BBM is. Hopefully you can add SMS contacts also to make a complete messaging app.

Too little, too late I'm afraid. Don't get me wrong i loved BBC when i had a 9800 bit now there's too many cross platform messengers out there.

I'll be honest, BBM is the one thing I really missed about BlackBerry. There is something very rewarding about knowing when someone has read your message. I know many other applications out there offer this but finding someone that uses these applications can be difficult. I know that many of you say that BlackBerry is too late to the game but I honestly think this will be well received. I for one will be installing this as soon as it becomes available. BlackBerry, if you are reading this add me to your beta list.

I really miss BBM since coming to Android from BlackBerry. They should have done this a year ago. Commendable, yes, but perhaps too late.

PING! PING! PING! Im a former BB user and I have to say I do miss BBM since most of my friends and contacts still have that phone but I found some amount of comfort in WhatsApp. This however is like the best news since slice bread! Its a bit late but a step forward.

Yes I'm really excited about this, bb messenger was one of the things I loved aside from my torches near indestructibleness, about my torch before I traded in to a s3.

I am really excited about this bb messenger was one of the things I loved, aside from the near indestructibleness of my torch before I traded in to the S3.

I don't think it's too late. Seeing that BBM has many more features now that will eventually come to Android and iOS. I'm looking forward to it.