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Black Friday is upon us, and the thrashing mobs are either stampeding the malls or pounding the F5 key on their favorite retail sites. We're keeping an eye on Google Play to see what prices have been slashed. Let us know in the comments if you find any more! 



Kindle Fire

Honorable mention to Nun Attack for permanently going free to play. Also, many premium currencies are seeing significant discounts, including Glu's and Madfinger's. 


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Black Friday Android app sale round-up [updating]


I was really hoping the new Need for Speed to go on sale :'(

BTW, Is Nun Attack really good? I've seen mixed reviews and the comments after it went 'free' are just bashing the in-app purchase system as being waaaay too much.

I liked Nun Attack a fair bit, but I haven't tried it since it started emphasizing IAPs.

It's too bad about Need for Speed, though. EA slashed the prices on a ton of their iOS games, but didn't do the same for Android. :/

Edit: Turns out EA has a $0.99 sale for Kindle Fire, and the Google Play stuff has a few less dramatic price cuts. 

Hey Spook81 Need for Speed was on sale yesterday, I think a couple of bucks of discount, look for it maybe still is.

Lol Big Launcher is epic.
Can't believe I didn't know the Tintin game existed, but not to worry as it's by Gameloft. No loss.

[US and Canada Google Play]

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