We already knew Android is huge, but this takes it to a whole new level! What you're looking at above sits in a Best Buy store in San Carlos after having been installed there last night. For the moment, it's one of a kind but Google is using the setup as a test to see how well they will do in stores.

The display is a glorious 42 inches of touchscreen Android love and functions by making use of a specially equipped Nexus S with video-out capabilities and even has a working camera. Google did the same for the initial Nexus One launch but unlike that display, this one actually functions just like a real device. Hit the break for a video showing off the display in all its glory. [TechCrunch]


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Bigger is better, right? - Check out this 42-inch Nexus S


That size would be overkill for touch, but, make it work in landscape mode and with a wiimote and I would hang it in my living room right now.

Is the giant machine an actual working phone with its own CPU, antenna and all, or is it a touch screen monitor that's hooked up to a remote phone that you can interact with?

We need AC to post a pic of Jerry or Phil holding this up to their ear walking around at the mall.LOL!