Here we go again, folks. Look -- malware, by definition, is bad and absolutely should be taken seriously. So when Total Defense (née CA Community -- it's a rebranding thing) points out that it's possible for some rogue code to record your phone calls and even send them off to some far-away land (China, of course), well, it's something that we all need to pay attention to.

But things also need a little perspective. Total Defense tells us that it's received just four cases of this malware, from 13 unique sources, for 14 total incidents, and TD can't tell us with any specificity just how prevalent this piece of malware is. There are more than 550,000 Android devices being activated every day. Perspective, ya know.

Now, as far as your likelihood of being affected by this piece of malware, Total Defense tells us: "there are very high chances as anybody can customize this to lure their victims to fall into the trap." Scary, ain't it? Only, here's the thing, and it's an important one for most of you: Not a single instance of this malware was reported from coming from an app in the Android Market. That's not to say malicious apps haven't made it into the Market before -- it's happened, and it'll happen again, and we suspect Google will act as swiftly as it has in the past.

But unless you're wandering around app "stores" you probably shouldn't be wondering around in the first place, we wouldn't worry too much.

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wraith404 says:

This is all iTard scare tactics.

Dperks17 says:

Ha ha ha another reason I'll never buy an android phone

devi0124 says:

Really????? Because of 14 documented cases of some malware?? Please don't buy an android.. I would hate to see what you do to the forums.

SDMFer says:

And yet, here you are on an android site reading articles about android phones.

wraith404 says:

It's obvious that most iTards are to scared to leave their boyfriend in the morning, let alone the house for fear of all the things steve can't protect them from.

sjamie says:

Does this mean it is finally possible for a dev to create a real app that allows the recording of both sides of a conversation WITHOUT using the speakerphone? (fingers crossed for my EVO 3D)

Cid2042 says:

People makes calls on their phones? That's so weird. I'm pretty sure my phone doesn't do that. lol

El Jefe says:

You must have an iPhone 4 and are probably just holding it wrong.

Lol at the comments :P

I'm glad Phil wrote this post :)

icebike says:

I like how the linked article (Total Defense) goes out of its way to not mention the name of the Trojan app, and even protects the web site that the recordings are supposedly directed at.

Its easier to scaremonger when you don't provide full details.

t0ked says:

Please. CA is crap on the desktop. Don't suppose TD is any better.

killerz says:

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