Motorola slider

When we first saw the Motorola portrait slider in all its blurrycam glory, we were interested. It's high time a portrait slider rolls out for Android, and the red Droid eye means it's pretty much a given that this one will hit Verizon eventually.  To make things even more interesting, if the XT300 name is correct, it would indicate that there's a GSM version of this one out there as well.  Or the name could be wrong.  Or Motorola  no longer uses the XT name only for GSM phones.  That's how things go when you deal with rumors and make your best guess from pictures.

A few things we can tell for sure from the pictures and video though -- this one comes with no flash for the camera, has an excellent looking keyboard, a rear mounted trackpad, and some form of Blur, at least for the launcher.  We'll keep an eye out, as the form factor looks like something worth trying.  Be sure to hit the source link for a mess of pictures and video, and we have one of the vid's after the break.  [MobiFlip (German) via Engadget]


YouKu link (Han Chinese) for mobile viewing of video


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Better pictures of the Motorola XT300 slider emerge [video]


Actually the Droid X and the Droid 2 both have blur. It's just hidden from the user. Which is the reason it's referred to as "ninjablur".

DAMMIT! I *just* bought Droid X thanks to an unexpected upgrade credit. I played with a BB Torch a couple of weeks ago and was thinking "how sweet would it be to have this form factor with Android" and BAM there it is. :\

I don't usually like this form factor but this one doesn't look too bad. Now if they would just focus on putting out more Droid X's instead of putting out a zillion different models.

I was really excited about this - love the bb keyboard (I carry a tour and a droid), but this looks like sh*t.

i like the form factor,but seriously if motorola stated that they wont focus on blur in the future,then why put it on almost every new phone they release?