So for reasons that currently escape us, Samsung has decided to release a commercial showcasing the Samsung Behold II--yep, that middling Android 1.5, TouchWiz UI running phone that never picked up much steam when it was released way back in November. The commercial is a nice spot, we think the stylizing is done rather nicely, but why devote new advertising space to a phone that clearly needs an update? And why so long after release? This would have been more effective if the ad onslaught started in Thanksgiving. And if Samsung wanted to wait this long, they should have waited until Android 2.1 was running on the Behold II to re-introduce it.

Otherwise, timing and TouchWiz UI issues aside, the spot is pretty cool, huh? Check out the full commercial after the break!

[via androidandme]


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Better late than never: Samsung releases Behold II commercial

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I just got the phase 2 I'm really uncertain about this phone , I've been using the blacberry curve and my carrier offered me this behold 2 , I sure would like some feed back to let me know how you think of the behold thanks ! Not sure if I wanna keep it , maybe some positive feed might change my mind