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Beta testing can be rewarding, and Android Central is here to help you get started

In 2013, Google opened up the Google Play Store to provide proper beta testing for applications. That is, a method for the developers of the apps to have two tracks in Google play at the same time — a stable and current track for most users, and a beta branch for folks who are willing to test features that may not yet be ready for prime-time. This helps developers, and as a bonus it makes it a pretty simple affair for you and me to sign up and get in on some hot beta action with our favorite apps.

Because everything can now be hosted right on Google Play, getting signed up and updated to the latest beta version is pretty simple for both developers and end-users like us. You'll open a web page on your computer or your Android, and sign up with the Google account you use at Google Play. The rest is automatic, and once you're done you'll soon see an update right in the Google Play app on your Android that gets you going.

Because beta software is prone to bugs — sometimes pretty glaring and nasty ones — you also need to have a way for developers and testers to communicate. Joining a beta test has a little bit of responsibility attached, and you should expect to be able to properly report what you're finding, both good and bad. The most popular ways to do this for Android apps is via Google Groups or with a community on Google+. It's also the starting point where you'll learn how and where to sign up.

The list

Android Central beta group

Enough talk. We know you're ready to get started, so here's your list!

These comminutes aren't for Android apps, but they are a great resource for Android related tools, hacks, and tricks:

Many of these groups and communities are open, but some are closed — meaning you'll need to be approved before you can participate. That's up to the developers and folks keeping tabs on versions, because often times there will be several different builds of a piece of software in testing. It can be a headache, and having too many folks is often just as bad as not having enough.

Now that you know a little bit about what you're getting into if you decide to join a beta test, and where to get started, we get to the part where we can help. Look through our curated list of beta programs for popular Android apps, and you'll find a link to exactly where you need to go to begin. Not every app is in this list. Many developers still use a closed beta and don't have a program for users to join, and we're only listing the best of the best here. We'll update things as we progress, and keep the best Android app beta programs right here so you can always find them.

Developers — should your app beta program be on our list? Or are you a user who knows a great beta we need to look at? Hit up our Contact Page to get in touch!

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klinkdawg24 says:

Awesome! Sliding Messaging is me and my brother's app! So glad to see that we made the list :) Thanks Jerry!


Good for you and your brother!! I'll be sure to check out your app!!

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Like what u see I will check it out.


bmg1001 says:

I've been using Sliding Messaging Pro for a while, and I've been loving it. Keep up the good work, you two!

breakerfall says:

Great job with the app and the recent Google Voice integration.

wnflyer says:

Was this written after waking up in a parking lot with XX% battery remaining on your MotoX?

The Android Central community loves Jerry (Cowboy).

I wish the Teamspeak team would use this for their beta app.

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BB_Bmore says:

Beta love me some beta

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

hopesrequiem says:

So sad. Signed up for Twitter beta way back when and never got the beta copy. As you said, I believe it was a closed beta. So I am set to be a tester but never got the beta version. Facebook gave me there's though. :-)

Posted via Android Central App


Thanks, for the list, Jerry!!

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vansmack says:

Nice post, Jerry. I love fixin' broken stuff.

rndll says:

There's also trigger trap

I'm in the TriggerTrap beta test myself. Have to have a go with the latest update and see if it's stable enough to add to our list. I'm one of the unlucky ones who was having the crash issues on the last build.

I'm only beta testing a single app atm -- Sensorly -- but they use a 3rd-party beta service @

HYNK says:

Please keep this list updated somewhere on AC for easy access!

There's also Android Beta Testers community for any readers who want to see random beta announcements from devs

You forgot Mozilla Beta

RamonGV says:


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tdcrone says:

Nice, thanks. I found it interesting that there are so many Twitter apps on the list.

legacy23 says:

Just a heads up Jerry, it Fleksy not Flesky.

breakerfall says:

Great list! Thanks.

deeb215 says:

God bless you Beta testers.

AnthonyRyan says:

I still can't join the twitter beta.

Me either

dguillaume says:

Or me

Nope, me either. :-(

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dodgylegs says:

Great thread. Thank you

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Justin967 says:

Cool article! I found some great new apps here. Don't forget action launcher though, that app is also doing beta testing through the play store

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Red Ed says:

This is great, thx Jerry!

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Theundecided says:

Prey has a PRIVATE beta.....but a beta none the less

Jamaar White says:

For some reason I can't leave the Twitter beta. I'm tired of the messy interface.

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Evan Lam says:

I think that its funny how google introduced this, yet they don't even use this method for the chrome beta app