There are plenty of great text messaging apps to choose from, and these are some of our favorites.

Text messaging is a big part of phone use for many people, and while the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes native messaging client, it doesn't quite fit the bill for some users. Thankfully we have the option to use one of many third-party SMS clients — some of which are minimal messaging apps, and others that offer features above and beyond the rest.

From Google's own Messenger app to fan favorites like Textra and Go SMS, let's take a look at some of the best text messaging apps for the Galaxy S6.

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1. Textra


A long-time favorite, Textra is a clean-looking SMS app with plenty of features for hardcore users. Sporting a Material Design look, Textra offers a slew of customization options with various theme colors, notifications, and per-contact settings. There's built-in SMS scheduling, quick replies, improved group messaging, SMS blocker and more.

Textra is free to download with some IAPs thrown in for good measure.

Download Textra in the Play Store

2. Google Messenger


Google's own Messenger app is a great solution for those just looking for a clean SMS app, without the frills or extra features of other offerings on our list. Messenger throws out the extra options in favor of simplified SMS app with just the basics.

There are customization options for contacts (chat colors and notifications) and support for attachments, group texts, and even audio messages. You won't find extras like themes here however — just the few tools you need to get the job done.

Download Google Messenger in the Play Store

3. Hello

Hello SMS

Hello, like Messenger, offers a bare-bones SMS experience for those simply looking to send text messages and not much else. There are no deep customizations here — just a super simple, easy to navigate app that works.

Hello offers tabbed chats for easy access, quick access for sending photos, and both a light and dark theme depending on your preference. Hello also offers free SMS to friends who use the app as well.

Download Hello in the Play Store



GO SMS is an extremely robust SMS app for text messaging pros. It starts with hundred of customizable themes, and brings along things like message encryption, pop-ups notifications, SMS blocker, delayed send, cloud backup and much more. All of the basics are there as well — group messaging, attachments, MMS and more.

If you're looking to go all-in with your SMS app, GO SMS is a great place to start.

Download GO SMS in the Play Store

5. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS takes the simplicity of the more basic SMS apps, and adds in features like app lock, SMS scheduler, blacklisting and more. Compatible with Android Wear, Chomp SMS provides a full-features SMS experience with plenty of frills for the more hardcore users. You can tweak things up to look how you want, change up message colors, notifications, fonts and even the vibrate pattern.

If you're looking for an SMS to customize and make your own, Chomp SMS might be worth a second look.

Download Chomp SMS in the Play Store

6. Your favorite?

These are just a few of our favorite text message apps for the Galaxy S6 — but the list doesn't stop there. Apps like Handcent, Evolve, and even Google Hangouts are all viable options as well.

What are some of your favorite text messaging apps for the S6? Hit up the comments and let us know!