Best Buy Nexus S

Hmmmmmmm. So Best Buy apparently had up some sort of preorder slot for the Nexus S, a "Pure Google" phone "Only available at Best Buy this holiday season." And the image placeholder points to T-Mobile, eh? So maybe Best Buy knows something the rest of us have been speculating about and will have an exclusive period.

Or -- and you'll have to forgive our cynicism here -- maybe it's just some SEO trickery at work. Wouldn't be the first time we've seen an online store list an unreleased (and occasionally unannounced) phone just to get a leg up on everybody else. Regardless, the link's down now. Oh, and about that "Nexus S" name -- we're hearing otherwise. [Best Buy via Phandroid]


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Best Buy tips the 'Nexus S' on T-Mobile? Maybe, or maybe not


A T-Mobile only device would be a shame. At the very least give us an AT&T option. In Canada all major carriers use AT&T bands for GSM. T-Mobile bands only gives us EDGE with Rogers.

Wind is a nice option, but it still a young growing network. Also it is incredibly hard to change networks here. 3 year contracts are the norm in Canada. The discount is incredibly small for less than that. As a result most people are still tied to either Telus (like me), Bell or Rogers. Wind and Mobilicity will eventually be enough competition to the big guys, but the networks are pretty limited still.

I call fake. No advertising executive would clear "pure google phone" most of the population doesn't even know what that is. If they sold it, it wouldn't be features in that way. Only a person familiar with what the nexus s is and its differentiation would even appreciate that. In other words when its geared towards enthusiasts like us it is most of the time gong to be fake.

the White Samsung Fascinate is no longer a Best Buy Exclusive, as you can order (or will be able to order it rather) directly via Verizon Wireless..


This would be amazing news for galaxy s owners if true. It would mean an easy to port aosp rom for galaxy s devices if we don't have one by the time this phone is released.

Given Samsung's marketing with the Galaxy S... I do think if this phone is really real they will have it on all carries
Hopefully this is real and it will be available very soon (2 - 3 weeks)

If this is meant to be the new developer phone, as it appears so... I'm sure Google will have made sure to control many aspects of the design and production of the handset just like they did with HTC and the Nexus One. HTC didn't design it on their own... Google had serious input. It's more like they hired HTC to build it to their specs. If Google does that with Samsung, then I'm not worried.

It wouldn't matter how Samsung would support it, it won't be a TouchWiz device, it'll be full blown, vanilla Android, hopefully easily hackable like the original Nexus One. So it'll be updated whenever Google finishes the next phase of Android, like the N1 now, getting all the updates long before any other devices.

I know someone that has been told that there will be a nexus two coming out. It is a source that can be trusted.

If you asked me 2 days ago, I would have been drooling and saying this is the phone to replace my Nexus One. However, after the rumor of the Sony Ericsson Anzu,appeared yesterday, my excitement for the Nexus Two (or Nexus S) has decreased a lot. Sorry, at this point the Anzu got my love, I just hope it's real.