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This isn't, strictly speaking, Android related. But Best Buy's Super Bowl "How many Gs?" ad -- hell, anything, actually -- is better than that halftime show. Even an ad with the Bieber.

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EvanJ18 says:

Bieber needs a solid right hook to the throat.

_JKK_ says:

Right hook to the throat? Don't be so kind.

The Mad Mule says:

Geez, that must've been one hell of a halftime entertainment failure.

Go Android! says:

I LOVED the halftime show. I was flippin out over it.

icebike says:

I've never seen a group butcher their own material so badly.

its easy to sound good in a studio, live performances is what separates the talented from the no talent ass clowns. look out, that's most of the top "artists" today

Dark_Blu says:

I can tell you for a fact that the large majority of artists are over processed. Pro Tools makes it possible to take the voice of someone who sounds like crap and make them pitch perfect. That half time show sucked, accept for Slash. Sadly, his part in it was small.

sookster54 says:

As much as I like the Black Eyed Peas, that halftime show was HORRIBLE!

stopsign002 says:

"What's a bieber?" Hahahaha

Menno says:

Best Buy's website has an extended version where he says "What the F&^% is a bieber"

sonso says:

Now that was funny

Ozzy should have bit off beiber's head.

Smokexz says:

Best commercial, ever. Besides Justin Bieber being in it... how many Gs?

miniZ says:

Bieber making a crack on himself. Priceless.

"I don't know.. kinda looks like a girl."

rgray331975 says:

Biebers 6 g--gay,gay,gay,gay,gay,gay

NCX says:

has anyone realized yet that its Justin Bieber at the end saying he looks like a girl?

but i agree with everyone, this was a good ad until Bieber was in it

papermonkey says:

And yes that halftime show was AWFUL... mics not turned on... horrible editing.... positively awful!!

Windfrenzy says:

I'm so disappointed in Slash for being associated with that halftime mess.

Dark_Blu says:

Slash was the only good thing about that Halftime Mess. I wonder what he was paid for his 5 minutes out there?

WhitePhone says:

Haha this was great. What's a Bieber?

carraser891 says:

yes bieber. you do look like a girl. at least u know

Jack1977 says:

How many G's? Well at least one, as Ozzy encountered a Gazelle right after the ad aired tonight. Check it out at

Tower72 says:

This commercial along with the Mini Vader one were the 2 best IMO..and the halftime show,,,was a joke. I had flashbacks of the mess a few years back with NSYNC, Brittney Spears, and Aerosmith.

Billvert says:

The black Eyed Peas were great. You can't blame them them for the technical difficulties. Can you imagine how much RF energy was in that enclosed space. All the costumes all the phones and all the communication equipment. It's a wonder their wireless microphones worked at all. I second Ozzy should have bitten off "Beavers" head.

smartguy75 says:

I agree with you. I think the half time performance was one of the best performances in years I have seen. You can't blame Black Eyed Peas for the technical difficulties.

@Phil Nickinson,
It is very easy for us to criticize anything from far behind like sitting from our chair. Do you know how much time and energy people give to provide a performance for big events like Super Bowl? As much as I admire your android central articles but I think by just saying "hey that half-time performance was awful" brings out a lot of immaturity in you.

I personally thought it was one the best half-time performance I have ever seen. I felt sorry for them when the microphone wasn't perfectly working. And I am not even a fan of Black Eyed Peas. I have listened to their few songs and that's all.

I can sit on my butt and can criticize anything I feel without giving a thought. It is very easy to do that. But that doesn't make me a better person in general.

wpavlik2 says:

I'll admit I'm not a BEP fan, heck, I can take or leave them. When you think about the logistics to get all the dancers and stages choreographed and looking as good as that did, you KNOW there was a TON of work involved in getting the show itself well planned.
I personally CAN'T STAND AUTOTUNE/VOCORDER effects. So for me, the "Singing" was a complete fail. I was simply impressed at what it took to get that all together. I'm glad they're bringing relatively current pop acts back to the Superbowl.

rexdeaz says:

How is this not Android related? Unless I've just been missing those WebOS, iOS and Windows Phone 7 4G phones, I think we know what they were implying.

dacp283 says:

Smartguy the rant you just went on was pretty immature on it's own. It's a matter of opinion if the show was horrible.

smartguy75 says:

I understand it is a matter of opinion but it also matters if you have a valid taste to enjoy a great performance on the level like that. May be you don't have that taste and understanding to enjoy the show and see that sometimes technical issues occur but that should not dilute your opinion about the whole show. I am talking about the jam packed stadium, enclosed, with over 100,000 cellphones, clothes, communication equipment, I mean think about the inteference the wireless microphones could have. I see you guys basing the opinion without giving a further thought. That's show immaturity and it does not have to do anything with personal opinion.

Tower72 says:

I dont see Phils comments as immature. Hes expressing an opinion (which I agree 100% with as do ALOT of sites I've been poking around). Sure theres not much they can do about technical issues, but at least Slash (minus Fergie tearing that song apart),and Usher brought some tolerability to the show. The Tron/Daft punk mix of outfits was somewhat amusing as well

Titan11#AC says:

Is it me or does is seem like all these "OLD FARTS" are commenting (I'm joking). Now I'm not saying that was the best half-time show ever, but its the best one since the whole Janet Jackson incident. Yes I know the halftime performance was not without its sound/mic problems, but at least this year, people actually knew who was performing (sorry The Who, Springsteen, Rolling Stones). This years performers weren't eligible for SOCIAL SECURITY which is a nice change from the past couple superbowl halftime perfomers(again my apologies to the above list).

pinch55 says:

The halftime show was ok. They had a ton of energy. How many of you guys would still be standing and have the energy to sing after all that moving around.
I think one of the best commercials was the Beetle playing black Betty, it was awesome. I bet it was better than the actual car.

Dark_Blu says:

Sorry Fergie fans, but Fergie's voice was off pitch, particularly while performing with Slash. That's not technical difficulties. That's voice issues. Maybe she has a cold or the flu and just soldiered on anyway. I've seen and heard Fergie live sound much better than this. Her voice was off and no amount of opinion can change that fact. As for the rest, well that could be open to opinion, but I'm not much of a pop music fan, personally.

jaeisber says:

I was at the super bowl. The halftime show was amazing. There were no audio issues in house and they were on key the whole time. I watched a clip of the show last night and it sounded nothing like what I hears in cowboys stadium.

wpavlik2 says:

That actually doesn't surprise me.
So, did you have ANY signal on your phone while you were there, or was it all jammed up?