Best Buy Droid Incredible sale

Sure, there are a plethora of great high-end Android smartphones on Verizon, but none of them can make the claim of being incredible. Even though it was launched way back in April, the Droid Incredible is still an amazing phone, especially since getting its Froyo update, and Best Buy will be selling them for just $100 (on new/upgrade 2-year contract) this Friday and Saturday. Rumors of the HTC Merge and Incredible HD have been swirling, but the ole' DInc is your best bet for HTC goodness on America's largest carrier right now. [Best Buy] Thanks to Nate for the tip!


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Best Buy selling Droid Incredible for $100 this weekend


omg.. regular price is 199.99 Squared?! that's $39996.0001, which means, you're saving $39897.0001 if you buy it at best buy!

haha jk

A great phone that hardly got it's dues, except by those of us that use it day in and out. There is still no phone out that I would trade my Dinc for. And I have had mine since two weeks after it came out.

It amazes me that this phone has been out for over 6 months, and it's still the best phone on Verizon. I'm sure that HTC will eventually come out with a superior one...

No offense, but Bing and that i*hone ripoff Touchwiz UI don't hold a candle to the DrInc experience. I could go deeper into why, but just trust me.

I love the he'll out of my DX but the Dinc is #1 the binged galaxy s is a farce its behind all the droids. DROID X, DROID2, DROID GLOBAL, THEN THERE'S WHALE POOP ThenN THERE'S YOU (FASCINATE)

Still waiting for the Evo or Epic from Sprint to see a good drop. I guess it won't happen as those are still to popular.

If the droid x had sense rather than blur it would be the device to beat. But motoblur is such a handicap! Only thing I dislike. The EVO is a battery hog but absolutely gorgeous

This is an awesome phone, Verizon's coverage with it is as well. I picked mine up at Best Buy last month while they had the Free Phone Friday special going on and only paid $22 to get a zagg shield put on it, greatest investment yet.

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does the 100.00 price not apply to 1 year upgrades? I was going to wait for the incredible hd but at $100 i would be tempted to jump now.

Everyone that druels over the incredible are those that are stuck with it and don't have an upgrade for awhile. I had my choice to get any phone on vzw. I went for the sf first but quickly returned for the dx. Imo the dinc felt and looked like a childs toy. Some guy even offered me $100 and his dinc the other day and I still couldn't force myself to do it. Software on dx may slightly handycap the dx. But its still a better phone from the shell to internals. Just Taiwan made junk.