HTC Evo Shift 4G pricing

Moments ago, Best Buy Mobile outlined their presale plans for Sprint's latest Android-powered QWERTY slider -- the HTC Evo Shift 4G.  Best Buy Reward Zone members are also given an exclusive chance to be one of the first people in the country to own an HTC Evo Shift 4G.  Best Buy Reward Zone card holders can preorder their handset now, and will receive their goods as early as Jan. 6, while the general public must wait until Jan. 9.

Head on over to Best Buy Mobile's website to get your preorder on.  The HTC Evo Shift 4G will set you back a cool $149.99 on contract, or if you're like Jerry and you avoid contracts like the plague, you can dish out the full retail cost -- $549.99.

Need more Evo Shift 4G?  Check out an video review via Wirefly (which also will be selling the phone -- convenient, eh?) after the break. [Best Buy Mobile]



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Best Buy Mobile begins HTC Evo Shift 4G presale


so no front camera not good wanted for wife so when im out of town we could do the face talk thing.i guess ill wait to see whats next from Sprint

If you go through Sprint it will be $150 on new 2 year contract. $400 off contract. $325 if you are in month 13-22 and are not a premier member or not the primary number on the account.

Best Buy's off contract prices are usually $100+ more than through Sprint. At least with the Evo and the Shift.

Only through best buy. If you go to Sprint's site is says the Shift is $150 after $100 mail in rebate and with the $150 new member discount. That calculates out to $400 without any discounts.

I don't get why my comment is being spammed when its not anything remorely bad but some douche on here can troll and be an ass. Whateber

Can someone explain to me how this is $50 more than the Galaxy Tab?

Other than price fixing and collusion between carriers and OEMs.

I bet the battery life is pretty good because of the smaller screen.
Dammit i still wanted the samsung epic for sister, but i had to return it because of the GPS issues, i suppose this will do.

Yeah I would check around and see how the battery life of the G2 is. Apparently this has the same internals and a 0.1" smaller screen so it should get similar if not better battery life as the G2 depending on what a 0.1 inch smaller screen does for battery life.

Just came from my best buy and they are having a soft launch so i preordered my evo shift and im picking it up friday

Maybe Sprint bought this model to make any February HP WebOS product look good. Wow. What a wasted opportunity. Who is actually going to pay a $10.00 a month premium to own this thing? Could have been a very strong contender if made more durable (gorilla glass) and a FFC that the other kids will be using in video chat. Probably not a bad phone, but who would want to justify why they bought it when people ask?